Mini Horse Rope Halter

Mini-horse rope holder

The best-selling poly-nylon rope holders are fully adjustable and precisely designed. Favourite articles for mini-halters. Mini, Medium Mini, Large Mini Halter .

Mini Tough-1 rope holder: Chic's Discount Saddlery

Completely variable polyamide rope halter. Ideal for daily use, as it can be put in a saddlebag or under a harness. The bestselling poly-nylon rope holders are fully adjustably and precisely made. The neck node should contact the horse's neck, cables from this node to the crest should appear behind the jawbone.

Shipment from our Harrington, Delaware stockroom. Whenever possible, we send with UPS or the United States Postal Service.


The halter for these enchanting minis are made from the same 1/4" rope as all our other holsters, so they are just as powerful and long-lasting! Mini, Medium Mini and Large Mini...and they are available in all 1/4" colors on the "Colour & Rope Selection" page. Can not be made with 1/2" rope.

The dimensions of the halter itself are as follows: see figure below as a guide for the measuring description. "Cheeks " is the space between the nodes running along the side of the face (from the noseband node to the node where the strap is used to pull up the halter).

"Noseband " is the space between the nodes running across the ridge of the nostril. We kindly ask for your understanding that the dimensions can slightly differ from halter to halter, as all halter are bound by hands and not by machine:

Cheek 6 1/2" noseband 7" page 5 3/4" In Canada there is nothing to be added except to ship the item to you. You can also weave mini halter! And this one is blues with plaited highlights in Fireball. Little mini-halters, one rose, one azure.

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