Mini Horse Saddles and Tack

Mini- saddles and tacks for horses

Leather Weaver Black Wool Felt Saddle Pad -Pony. Leather Weaver Black Wool Felt Saddle Pad -Pony. Western Mini Fleece Saddle Pad. Tailor-made and individual according to your wishes. Star Lake Tack is a family-owned company specializing in high quality miniature horse tacks at the best prices.

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Stacy Westfall - Weaving leather horse

Stacy is one of the most coveted horse clinic assistants in the horse racing business and is known for her saddleless and tackless mastery run that has been watched live by billions of viewers worldwide. As the only female to have won the Road to the Horse Colt starters contest, she was admitted to the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame in 2012.

Since when did you deal with horse? And who was your major influential force in the horse kingdom? It was my mother's passion for the horse and her capacity to understand a horse's physical speech that was a great impact. Learning to reread a horse. Reading their bodily languages carefully will alter the way you work with them.

Eggs & Spoons and Activity Ball - These toys are great toys and productivity toys. eZall and Shine & Detangler - They are simple and efficient toys to make my horse look good. Well, what was the name of your first horse? Which was your favourite horse you ever owned or taught, and why?

Attempting to choose a favourite horse is like trying to choose a best boyfriend. But I can say that some were like a best boyfriend and some you know from great shows and some you never even hear about. Which is your favourite show or activity?

It' s great to watch the high-ranking re-ining, but shows are best for me when I know someone who shows. I am in reverence of the horse on top-class shows, but on weekends I like to see guys clearing things up. Outside the horse, what kind of activity do you like?

ls there a way of living outside the horse? I' ve taken up horse-riding as a hobby...then mini-driving...then training. I' ve got my interests in the horse world! Are you having an awkward moments with a horse? As I showed Roxy at the age of four, I rode without bridles, but with a nut, in free style pureing.

I' ve exhibited in it several occasions, but the last one was at the NRHA Pureing Futurity - the largest reiningshow in the can. All the time I was holding my breath and thought that a security needle could be released at any time. What is your favourite place to go horseback riding? Normally my favourite is out on some kind of trailer ride. No.

The work in the arena is great for concentrated driving - and for slide stopping - but I really enjoy discovering nature!

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