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Hampstead, NH. Miniature World Champion Quality horses for sale in North America! These can be for short-term events such as holidays, short breaks or long-term stays. Falabella's miniature horses, Falabella miniature horses for sale, specialized in Falabella,s and show quality, Arabian miniature horses. Committed to selling and promoting quality miniature horses.

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"Barbie " Exotica is by the renowned Rebel Chase Rebel Supreme, the same striking posture and excellent move makes this filly an thrilling filly in our line. Prospective under 30 " champions. "Bella " Bella is a wonderful ultra sophisticated, perfect reduced size minature horse, which is currently about 26 inches tall.

Several times U.S. Grand Championship winner, he was appointed 2012 Junior Stallion 2012 Australian Regional Grand Championship winner. It has the "Arabic" look that is so popular in the minature game. Already at the 2016 Amsterdam Show at the Texas USA show ring, Bella has proven herself and finished third in a very large category, although she is the smallest.

That little filly has a very interesting career. "With only 31 inches, Buck" is a multi champ and Supreme champ of the last few years, producing gorgeous little infants with posture and being there. "Cutie " Cutie has the most astonishing blood lines, her father is the only one of the famous stallions in the small breed line, Lucy FOUR CHASIN RAINBOWS.

Your Grand Duchess is the legendary SIDS REBEL. We' ve just had our first fillingy, which is absolutely amazing, certainly a potential champions. "Dawn " Our first Filly, a silvery Filly with four black stockings, certainly a prospective champ, had the "Look at me attitude" from born. Moving like a top level horse.

In 2017 she was presented as a filly and became next to full-grown foals stallion winner, she will surely become a show horse of the top level. "He has won many championship in his few excursions, he is magnificent and has a great setting to show off, as well as a very nice mind that makes him stand out.

It was already shown at the 2016 Texas USA Expo and was in the top ten of the 5-month exhibition. "Testas " Tesas is a filly who is a several times undefeated master in the miniatures game. She' s got excellent movements and a true "show" approach, a true diva, breathtaking show babe is assured.

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