Mini Horse show Halter

Mini-Horse Show Halter

Lots of miniature show halters/ lead nylon & leather. Silver Show Miniature Horse Halter with engraved Silver Star. Chavez Show Halter with Floral Swirl Silver Horse Size. Mini leather show halter with silver sticks.

The show halter makes a big statement when you enter the show ring, or for this beautiful photo.

Horse Silver Show Holder with Gold Diamond Overlay: Chic's Discount Saddlery

Show Halter by Showman! Horse Show man miniature horse show holder. Halters with twin buckle at the top and triple adjustment nasal and laryngeal closure. The halter has sterling steel on the noseband and cheek with golden diamonds onlay. Including 5/8 " x 6' leash with studded necklace. Mini-sized.

Shipment from our Harrington, Delaware stockroom.

Display halter

The show halter makes a big impression when you step onto the show ring or for this nice photo. Our design is the best we can find and we know that the design is of the highest possible standard. We have some of the best qualities and design from quarter-style halter to show holster.

Of course we deliver roll or plane leads, shiny new necklaces or steering rods and the detailled conchos - we have everything the halter horse needs. We can help you find the right halter for every league in which you perform.


Premium mini-style horse halter at an accessible cost. Welcome to Little Valley Show Headcollar, where you can buy high end horse holsters at an accessible cost. We began showing minature ponies about 6 years ago and found it hard to find the right minature holster to complement our ponies without having to pay a penny for it.

That' s why we have chosen to make our own unique styles and designs of minature horse holders for our own showpieces, because sometimes you need a little personalisation to complement your horse, not just an off-the-peg purchase. Here it became clear to us that we could produce a high-quality and classy horse halter at an accessible cost for everyone.

The miniature show halter has proven itself on our own showpieces, from the Ag show to the country show, and has never let us down, even when used on our studs and studs when they are full of pearls. If we don't believe our own show owners, how could we possibly ask others to do that, we can give you complete faith that a Little Valley owner will not disappoint you in the show ring.

And we know the last thing you need in the show ring is a fancy show halter.

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