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Normaanby peasant minature ponies assaulted by hounds

Though she had never seen them, two travelling hounds had assaulted the animals in their stables just before sunrise on 1 July The hounds had not yet been found. Ogle, who is living with her wife and daughter on a Normanby farming estate, said that the same animals are said to have slaughtered two lambs on a neighboring plot and assaulted a sightless puppy at a different location the same nigh.

"When those hounds are out there, what am I supposed to do? "Mia sounded the alert when the dog assaulted Sarah Ogle's minature-horse. Ogle's sister's next door kids were also scared to abandon their possessions, she said. She had added additional stalls and gates since the assault to keep her eight ponies safe.

" When she tried to stop the young horse's haemorrhage and was waiting for the veterinarian, her boy took the other animals to another stable. Veterinarian came and Kits got an urgent operation. "We had to keep his face together, he lost a great deal of it.

" Ogle's show horse, Dark Hunter, had a torn jaw and injuries to his face and leg. She thinks she attacked the hounds to save her cattle. Ogle's sibling, Joanne White, said she was awakened from her back yard around 3:15 a.m. by growling and howling as two odd looking hounds tried to assault her puppy through the perimeter gate around his cattery.

" White's husbands screamed out the windows and the hounds, a large brown and a slightly smaller small dark beast, escaped. Even though they no longer heard any noises, the hounds had gone next-door to kill two shepherds. Later on they went back to the stables where Ogle's ponies were kept. We are very interested in working with everyone who knows where they are," he said.

"It is unlikely that the owners will assault a human, but it is really difficult to say and I would not believe them. Those participating in this assault were killed by the peasant.

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