Mini Horse Supply Catalogs

Minihorse Supply Catalogues

Commission Light Horse, Pony and Miniature Horses: Shopping CartCheckoutMy Account - Main page " Catalogue " Bowman Bits. Miniature wooden wardrobe with antique brass hooks. Miniature Sculpt crows or ravens for model scenes.

Tricky Training - The Rear Veranda

You know, I need a live..... Horse! Cats! Creativity "stuff". You know, I need a live..... Horse! Cats! Creativity "stuff". You know, I need a live..... Horse! Cats! Creativity "stuff". Interests: Campsite, angling, boat trips, archery, snowskiing, snowmobiling, buggying& everything outdoors....and I really enjoy reading! I' ve got three rescued doggies that I truly adore.

Moore's Customized Miniature Stable

Elevated centre corridor stable designed with a view to minature ponies. Cowsheds are cut to the size of a minature horse or mule. There is also a massive dome of brass and flattery of colours selected by the client for cladding and cladding. Gladly we make adaptations and special equipment for our stable owner, in order to carry out their desire.

Whoa, hey, whoa, Barn Specs: There is a special 36 x 48 with a 12 x 36 side veranda. There are 4 stands and a 12 x 24 saddle room. The stables are specially equipped to accommodate minature ponies and mules. They also have external exits for simple entry to a willow or coral.

Horses feed, Purina Horse Feeds

Equestrian sportsmen can expose the requirements of motorsport to different loads. That is why our graduate horse nutritionists and veterinarians have created a high-performance horse food that covers the energetic needs of top sportsmen and women with specific ingredients to optimally assist their horse when it is most needed - in a time of strain.

The Purina® Outlast Stomach Supplement was designed to help maintain stomach firmness and the right pH value. Up to 90 per cent of working stomach problems are thought to affect horse wellbeing, posture and performances. The Purina® Outlast Stomach Supplement was designed by our graduate horse nutritionists to help maintain a healthful stomach area.

Country- Acres Horse Feeding 10% Horse Feeding is an economic sweetener for grown animals containing 10% proteins plus Vitamine and Mineral. They have been specially adapted to the local needs of your horse. Feeding form: Grains and pellets. The Country Acres Piglet Horse Feeding is an economic pellets food for grown animals containing 12% proteins plus Vitamine and Mineral.

They have been specially adapted to the local needs of your horse. Feeding form: pellets. Dietary supplements, added to compensate for the nutrition of pastures or hens. Formula for grazing or pasturing animals and for animals with a higher nutrient requirement, such as breeding and mares. Moisturize your horse on the street, in the stable or at competition.

For all phases of your lifecycle. Formula for the horse that needs additional carbohydrates from fats for gaining body mass, training, competition, performance and sale preparations. For equestrians of all age groups in all sports. It is a balanced diet that fills the nutritional deficiencies of proteins, vitamins and minerals without the need for additional energy.

For ripe horsemen who are able to keep their shape on their own pastures or meadows. It is also suitable for youngsters, colts and early broodmares who need a highly focused food. Indulge the appetites of your horse and fulfil its dietary needs without additional weights. Formula for Obesity and obesity as well as for obesity. This is a low-sugar and starchy food for the horse with specific needs.

Developed for the horse that needs a low-sugar, low-starch and low-sugar nutrition. Provide equestrian sportsmen with the competitive advantage with the necessary energy and nutrition for maximum speeds and stamina. For diligent equestrians. Fulfills the nutrition needs of your small size horse and pony for growing, pregnancy, lactating, rearing and competitive use. Formula for minature and pony use.

14:6 For top performers and breeders as well as for breeders from 18 month; to be feed with middle to high qualitiy grass and willow. 12:6 + LYSIN Contains 12% egg white with added Lysin for workhorses or maternal broodmares; for feeding with middle to high grade meadows or pastures.

The Purina® Imppact® hay stretcher is developed to offer the horse a full all-in-one nutrition, including hey. Includes 12% proteins, as well as vitamin, mineral and fibre, to cover the needs of recreational use. Input form: Developed to satisfy the specific dietary needs of your young, dynamic elderly horse. Formula for actively ageing and chewing and digesting straw.

Purina Strategy Healthy Edge is a high-fat, high-balance, improved-tasting, regulated starches and sugars food that has been developed and developed to promote the healthy and well being of mature equine riders over two. The Purina® Ultium Growth Horse Formula is a high quality, high-fat and high-fiber horse food specially developed for brood mares and youngsters.

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