Mini Horse Tack Catalogs

Minihorse Tack Catalogues

Bit & Reins miniature horse headpiece. Stack for ponies and mini horses. Horse miniature accessories and horse accessories. Gassville, Arizona.

The Carriage House Miniature Horse Tack & Harness is exceptional in quality with prices you will find very competitive.

All the horses: A complete guide to buying, stables and stables..... - STREVEN D. PRICE, Gail RENTSCH, BARBARBRA BURN, DAVID A. SPECTOR

It was 1975, almost a quarter hundred years ago, and catalogue source books were still very much in the game. Until then, however, no one had put together anything about equine sports goods, service and organisations: something that covered the fundamentals of ownership, care and use of the horse and where to find more detail.

During those years ( and now) anyone who was looking for smart feedbacks on any horse books ideas could do nothing better than ask Bill Steinkraus, the main pillar of the United States Equestrian Team and Allround-Polymath. Several New York publisher guys, who were also enthusiastic horsemen, thought the concept was a worthwhile one - and so they did.

A few years before Barbara Burn had imagined herself as "the little woman who equipped the stable in the back yard for the horse my mum and dad had never purchased me". "Barbara, who had published two of my works, selected the areas of clothing and horse welfare, the latter as if to anticipate her wedding with a vet who, among other things, took care of the New York Mounted Police ponies.

There is nothing more successful than the publishing house's conviction that "The Catalog" required a major update that went far beyond the changes we had made in earlier years. The changes and supplements gave us the chance to explore many of the ways in which the horse kingdom has evolved.

A number of races and horse species, especially the warm-blooded horse of Europe, have become very much loved in this area. Dressur, long-distance ride, pruning and team-penning are at the top of the growing sport lists. Although the municipal intervention reduces the amount of recreational areas, the fun trails are another sport that experiences an outburst of interest and vigour.

Whatever kind of horse back or ride, a helmet with a strap is no longer regarded as disgusting or knowingly, but as an important way to minimize the risk of injury to the human being. A similar challenge for the cross-country period of mixed horse testing and eventing ( "rodeo" horse races are also used by many horse owners, although the 10 gun jackets have not given way to tougher headgear).

Comforts begin with stretched materials used in apparel for various disciplines and climate zones, with vibrant colours and designs that are particularly evident in stamina and dress. This new era has arrived in the equine sector in the shape of alternate treatments and medicines. Massages, acupunctures and other forms of bodily manipulations, as well as plant and other forms of healing, may have been considered with scepticism at first, but are now widely acknowledged as preventative and healing instruments.

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