Mini Horses for Sale in Texas

Mini-horses for sale in Texas

For more than a hundred years, both sides of my family have been in the horse business. The Sunset Mountain Miniatures is a miniature horse ranch in the north. Owned by Daniel and Carla Crider. The majority of our rescues are miniature horses, although we also save other breeds. The Unicorner Miniature Horse Farm is located near Waco, Texas.

Thumbnails for sale in Texas

That' Bugs, she' s a 12-year-old 33-inch mini-pony. That' Forest, he' s a five-year-old 29-inch mini blacks stallion. Father has sired several AMHR National Champion show jumping and riding horses....... He is a 4 year old mini Buccin Bud.

It' Hot Rod, he's a 2003 licensed 37-inch Grullopony. That bangs is really cute and..... 32 " smoky grey colt with 1 cream (tested) bluish eye, long face, long..... Dual-registration 32. 5-33 " filly, DNA - lovely filly, easily to be caught, great bottom ....

30 " doubly recorded A/R brown filly, beautiful Arabian broodmare with beautiful death and giant deer eye, she punches..... Paleomino Miniaturstute 34" A/R twice recorded, own subsidiary of Little King White Russian..... Doubly recorded brown westerly filly, 33-33. "5 "5" large, simple to use, outstanding.....

A doubly licensed (AMHR and AMHA) breathtaking two-year-old Wildfire sire.

Amour Miniatures and AKC Miniatures Dachshund for sale in Texas

There is an outstanding line of show grade fillies, young horses and first class brood mares, many of which are licensed to the American Minature Horses Association and are world class. When you first visit a website of a thumbature breeders, or when you are looking for your next thumbnail showhorses, or just looking for a new thumbnail to bring back your family.

The Sequoia Ranch ~ Texas Miniature Horses

Have a look at these horses to include in your show strings, your brood mares - or as companies. Founded in 1998, Sequoia Ranch specializes in high-quality miniature horses for every facet of the miniature horse industry. Emphasis is placed on aesthetics, sophistication, subtlety, suspended motion and colour. In our breed programme we have overos, dilutes, solid horses and for those who want national caliber show horses as well as colour, with a strong emphasis on extremely high qualities.

For more information about our horses and stallions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. On all horses ACEPTING bids - $1,500 to start. Evidence of the value of her stallions get, grand-get - tens of world and national champions have been made by Mime, and Dream - a welcome complement and ideal crossing to my Mime sires!

Propagation and availabilty are without prior notification and I am a passionate enthusiast of the America Miniature Horse. 912 674 9470 (Cell )minimime1@aol.comPrices) This is myife.

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