Mini Horses for Sale in va

Mini- Horses for sale in va

In search of a buyer who offers these three a loving home. We're a small farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Bought for therapy horse, because of the family. Shetland miniature horse and pony farms and companies in Virginia. In the your captain is a pretty little guy who has been used for leadline and round pen riding by former owners grandchildren and has been used in a therapy program.

Thumbnail Horses for sale in Virginia

That' Forest, he' s a five-year-old 29-inch mini blacks stallion. Its ripe size is anticipated in the 30 "-32" area, AMHA &... Absolutely nice foal for sale. Granat is two month old, very kind mare foal. Classic Velvet Minnie Mouse is a very sophisticated, AMHA and AMHR certified mare.....

Blonde Sorrel (dun?) tank turns grey? Class A Mini Gelding Tank is the cutest little guy.....

Ageless Miniature Horses - Breed

Wellcome to Timeless Minature Horses. We' re a small ranch in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. It is our aim to cultivate and breeding small horses, which are characterized by an outstanding temper and an outstanding posture. 20156 AMHA World Champion Country Pleasure Under 32 " From November 2010 I offer reproduction ultrasonics.

If you have any queries or would like to make an appointment, please do not hesitate to do so.

The house and yard in Leesburg

We are located in Leesburg, VA, on a remote street with only 11 houses on 11 1/2ares. Every home has from 10-15 mornings so we have personal life, but we are only about 2 1/2 mile from the city centre of Leesburg - the best of both worlds. ÿ This is the best of both...

We' re about halfway between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the city centre of D.C. with all its past, cultural, sporting and sights. We are ideally located for fun, games and also for the commercialization of horses and shelties. As we were moving to Virginia, we loved this place, but the 60s ranchers with a full cellar were in urgent need of some refurbishmen.

We' been here almost 10 years and we've transformed the whole place. After completion of the grand piano we converted the whole ground level into a large reception area with a large TV area, a dining room with desks, a Penn State room with a tennis court and training equipment and a bedroom for our grand children.

We had a large terrace at the back of our home, but the swimming pools had to be repaired, and we constructed a stony terrace with seatwork and landscape design. It' a great home for our families to get together for vacations, meetings and celebrations for neighbours, dogs and horses. On the plot there was a stable with an attic for tractor, gear and workroom.

On the basement level, mostly subterranean, we transformed it into a cattery for our Shelties. As we added the horses, we had to construct a second stable and put up a fence. Winter in North Virginia is usually quite gentle, so horses can enjoy a long outdoor life, either in arid plots or on pasture.

North Virginia is "horse country" with Middleburg and Upperville as the centre of hunting area. We' re lucky to have Morven Park here in Leesburg, where many equestrian shows take place. Leesburg also has a state-of-the-art equestrian clinic linked to Virginia Tech Vet College. This kind of beautiful equestrian equipment is a true benefit for those of us who like horses.

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