Mini Horses for Sale in Wisconsin

Mini- Horses for sale in Wisconsin

ABOUT US - A B Ranch - For Sale! Chevaux miniatures enregistrés AMHA à vendre dans le Wisconsin et Champion AMHR Chevaux miniatures enregistrés dans le Wisconsin von Angel Heart Farm. Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Oshkosh, Kenosha, Wisconsin, Racine. Breeders of miniature horses and Shetland ponies: The Kuczer Farms is a one-stop-shop for all who are interested in mini horses.

Trekking horses for sale in Wausau, WI

Beautiful sportive Walesian bangs for sale. It was used as a bangs-herd..... 6-y-o. Frisian black horses. His work ethics continue to captivate this stallion..... 18-year-old bangs mama. Trekking trails for kids. The Rayo is an 18 year old baylding.

It is currently great on weft gears for blacksmithing baths clues. Holder broken leaders is synonymous with vet and blacksmith. Raised as a stockhorses. Abbreviation for veterinary surgeon and blacksmith. There are three breathtaking Wales colt foals available...a Palmino, who can be 1/2 Welshman and Palmino, a monochrome tobaccoiano and a buch.....

The Tulip is a stable, dependable travelling bud. She' ll move beautifully with the big horses at a walking pace and a trotting pace..... Gets gunshots good for blacksmith shop. Gun shot deworming and great to use. Sturdy and good for the showring or..... For more information about Sky and other horses to be adopted by the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, please

Tripple enrolled gold Golden Mallomino filly named after the Arabians named after Morab and Poll. Rides alone or in groups. For more information about Lux, half a stallion from Canada, see the register August Rush is a 9 year old large bangscoach. August-- August is an especially sweet kid who is 555-34 inches. Barefooted.

Mostly on trails, but also experienced in the arenas.


We' re a small miniature horse and caress ranch run by mother and father. We' re proud of the spirits of our minis. Our mini-paintings are family-friendly and for children. You will always find our farmhouse an experience with many possibilities for stroking and to cuddle!

Thumbnails for sale & Thumbnails for sale

Mini's are for sale to authorized houses/buyers (we can ask for reference from our purchasers - and we will be happy to provide you with reference as a seller), with the vendor providing healthcare warranties, unless otherwise specified. accompanyed creditcards We will consider all sensible proposals for the sale of thumbnails.

MINIS' ANSWER - DON'T SPEAK TO MIKE - HE COULD BE SELLING THE FAKE MINI! HE' UNDER THE MISAPPREHENSION THAT WE' RE ALL FOR SALE. The mare is for sale - Congratulations Hannah & Aubrey! a big fire has great show ring potentials and did well at his two shows in 2007.

It darkens with age, has a large blouse and a large blouse, the Buckeroo-Grandchild. The tribute is All Star National Champion in the model stallion and among the top ten in holster and colour. Joy's mother is a minimal check filly, who showed her early years well.

Pleasure has nice movements together with colour and build. Father is tribute; mother is Brittini. Got a flame; mother is our leader and father is Rocky. Up to now it shows no appliance-characteristic. FEILLY: Knights Maiden - sturdy foal by our Boones Little Buckeroo grandchild, Dovey and by our apprentice, Rocky.

Extremely ingenious - good exercise and build. "Eagle " - (picture below) Bay Leonard apple filly; father is a lovely apple, Critter Creeks' Mountain High White Cloud; mother is our dark obo mare, Taz. She is a wonderful, clever filly with colour too sparing! That'?s a good move and a good smile. The father can be seen on the Critter Creek Farm site.

SALES We are partners of Eagle - check him out in the Show Ring! Bloodline and bloodline of Boyes Little Andy and Boyes Little Buckeroo. Mother is lovely Paleomino Boyes Little Andy grandchild (not for sale). congratulations to Renee and Alan Boyd, West Virginia! Shown on the right as a young boy - she has her father's nice bust.

Sweet's Dam, Sunshine (below) has been divested and will be living with Elizabeth in France! Republican entertainment move. Our thanks go to George & Mary Ronek for praising their lovely little cattle! The wonderful Silver Dapple Appaloosa stallion, who is 3 years old, has been exhibited and has performed well in regional shows, especially in the colour group.

He' s soft and very affectionate; his father is a pure lion, JTR lioud N clear goes back to lizy ha darknormal; his mother is a daugther of lizy n reddboy goes back to rowdy. We' ll consider all sensible deals for the sale of mini's - call the toll-free number and speak to CATHY.


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