Mini Ponies for Adoption

Miniponies for adoption

Usually ponies have heavy bones, thick, wide bodies and thick necks. Included in the ceremony were mini's as ring bearers & flower girls and full costumes for the happy couple. Both BISCUIT & BRADY are available for adoption and sponsorship. The Dino is a Pinto pony with laminitis. The Squirt is an absolutely sweet, strong, black mini horse.

Miniature Saving Grace horse rescue

*Aladdin is a 20+ year old 30" yellow Gelding. He' s co-operative and good for the vet/blacksmith. He' s very attached to his pal Prince Charming and we are hoping to find a home that will open their hearts to both of them. Prince Charming is a 16-year-old 30" male by Prince recorded in Amsterdam.

He' s co-operative and good for the vet/blacksmith. Thirteen years old, 34" sortie pinto gelding. He' s a very cute, co-operative guy who gets along well with all the other ponies and humans! Aged 7, 34" (exact measurements are not possible due to hump), with 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x n.

Checkers was saved from the Shipshewana Good Friday sale in April 2017. 36 ", 19 years old (age appreciated by horse dentist), non-registered, massive black filly. They really prefer to be just abandoned, so a hostess' hostess, who will be accepting who she is, where she will be a pet to another mini, preferentially he friend Popeye would be the ideal home for her.

20-year-old, non-registered 37" mildew filly looking for an old people's home. She' not the kindest filly, but not unkind either. Easily to capture and guide, but if the meal is not implicated, she would rather not be implicated. 4-Year-Old, 34" non-registered, beautiful brown gelding with big breas.

Since then he has come a very long way.... he is easily caught, has a broken holster and performs well and has fundamental floor-mannery, but will test hisandler. 3 year old Phoebe (unregistered), 32" silvery apple juice with stocking and sock. 36 " Lily (unregistered), approx. 11 years old stud horse, which we saved on 4.14.17. from the Shipshewana Good Friday Sell.

She is very kind and cute to the point where she can be a little intrusive, but she is easily caught and handled. She' ll be up for adoption in October as soon as Ziggy gets unhuman. unavailable -- dwarf foal foaled on June 15, 2015.

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