Mini Pony Bridle

Bridle Mini Pony

HAND-WOVEN PONY/MINIATURE HORSE REINS! Andis Miniature Horse Scissors and Speaker. The Schuts Brothers Pony Split Reins. Small/small pony size all leather English bridle with flash noseband. All harnesses have been tested and used on our own Mini's so that we can offer you the best fitting harness.

Minipony Bridles

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Libby's miniature bridle for ponies

It is our goal to help you and your pony find the best and best pony product from the best producers in all smaller size. We are proud to support our customers, locals and UK producers. RBST is an Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) and runs a herd of Dorset Down Sheep and Saddleback pork in the country as well as running horses.

Bridle-Shop - LightRider bitless bridle bridle

Perfect for shows, pony nightclub, show jump, training, hunters as well as horse racing for adults. Nosebands and forehead are upholstered, while the leathers also have a cushioned skullpiece. Comes in Regular or Deluxe Beta Biothane and high grade Drum Dyed or British leathers. Available in blacks, browns or browns with high-grade steels hardware.

Perfect for shows, pony clubs, show jump, training, hunting and horse backriding for adults and for well trained horse riders who react to easy reins. Manufactured from high grade English leather with elevated forehead and nose straps and cushioned headband. Fittings in rustproof steel for rustproof operation. Obtainable in either darkbrown or darkbrown in piston, full and warm blooded.

Perfect for training, show, pony-climb, show jump, show jump, black horse or just because you like a high class snaffle! Manufactured from high grade English hide with a lacquered cowhide cushioned in black and embossed in black (shiny) and a moulded headstall cushioned in black. Fittings in rustproof steel for rustproof operation. LightRider training bridles feature a new jaw clasp to allow for better interchangeability or use a little when you need one for competition or the bite free passage.

Convenient snaffle with cushioning under the nose strap, forehead and tail. Comes in Beta Biothane and Drum Dyed or premium British leathers. Available in the colours blacks, light browns and browns with high-grade fittings. It' got a cushioned nostril. Available in top grade dark or dark grey leathers with silvery shells and arched cheekbones and browbands.

Equipped with West German styled hardware inox. The LightRider Bless noseband offers those who would like to use their own snaffle the opportunity to get biting with their favorite snaffle. Use the bridle you have at home by turning it into jawless bridle that gives you more horse and pony choices, and riding tracking like riding.

This bitless halter comprises the LightRider halter with jaw fixing points, chin belt made of belt and guide belt. Just clip it to the cheeks (suitable for most commercially available 5/8" to 3/4" cheeks ) instead of a single bits, and you have a LightRider bitless bridle at a more accessible cost. Obtainable in Biothan and high-quality drum-dyed cowhide.

Available in either dark grey, dark grey or dark grey with massive fittings in either bright or stainless stell. Mini, Pony, Cob, Full and Warmblood/Draft. Transform your bridle into a stylish bite with this full grain British style Nose Strap. Turn your own snaffle into a snaffle that is safe and without bits. Provides you with more possibilities for adjusting different horse size. Suitable for most types of bridle, even riding reins.

The Light Rider Bless noseband offers the opportunity for those who would like to use their own bridle to get biting in their favorite bridle. Use the bridle you have at home by turning it into jawless bridle that gives you more horse and pony choices, and riding tracking like riding.

Euro Bitless noseband comprises LightRider noseband, harness band, chin belt and guide ring band. Just clip it to the cheeks of your own bridle instead of a single bits (fits up to 1" chin strap), and you have a bitless bridle at an affordably priced - $55 AUD. Manufactured from high grade braided yachting ropes with massive bronze mountings.

Extremely flexible snaffle, as you can connect securely with a guide cable. Zigzag Black/Gold, Zigzag Brown/Gold, Zigzag Black, Zigzag Purple, Zigzag Dark Green, Zigzag Red with Dark Green or Zigzag Red with Nose Strap and Zigzag Headband, Zigzag Chin Strap and Zigzag Purple. Including 10mm braided polycable rein. Made of high grade bridle wire with high grade SS hardware and nose strap cushioning (antigall material) for added convenience and no friction.

Suitable for those performances where the bridle is worn by the rider for long durations, e.g. distance rides, or where breeding contacts are kept in training, versatility or show-jumping. Size: Pony, Piston, Full and Warmblood/Draft. Blacks, black/gold zigzags, brown/gold zigzags, purple or blue with cushioned blacks anti-gall nose strap, blacks headband and chin strap.

Contains black 10 mm polyester wire ropes, click here to buy and for more detail. It is available in polyester cord, cowhide, leather, organic cotton as well as beta-biothane, suitable for all types of bridles. Supplied with massive scissors clamps in either brass- or high-grade SS that fit the bridle material, the cable cords are one-piece to allow simple guidance in the bridle (not suitable for binding rigid materials unless the clamps are removed).

There is a middle clasp at the ends of the rein and clasps at the ends. Manufactured from high grade 10mm riding mesh that is beautifully held and offers great relaxation. Available in massive copper and high-grade silver. It is recommended that you use these clamps to fasten your own bridles to the bridle so that they can be replaced with the guide ring/loop for guidance, foundation work, etc.

Pure clip-on technology also makes it possible to connect the chin strap bands to the nose strap bands so that the snaffle can be used as a side pull without having to activate the chin strap - perfect for highly vulnerable riders and those who have never worn a chin strap before. Only available in blacks - one for all.

Got a replacement part at the ready while one of the parts is being cleaned, or if you want to cushion another part of the bridle. If you or your equine partner is not satisfied, you can give back your LightRider Bitless bridle (in good condition) within 30 working days of receiving it. OfferFree dedicated e-mail photographic consulting to verify the right fitting on your horses, and training consulting that is always available when you buy a snaffle.

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