Mini Pony Harness for Sale

Pony mini harness for sale

Two-tone brown leather Mini Sh Pony Driving Show Training Cart Harness with Tan Trim. Our personal experience in miniature horse care and competition sports is extensive and we are active in all exhibition areas. Very heavy leather harness for mini horses. Miniature harness for sale, a universal black leather harness with the look of patent leather on the blinkers and saddle. Crockery &


Miniature Amish Beta harness with collar & hames

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Miniature Harness horses for sale

LocationMackeyville, PA ..... Sale Pending - Lilly is a wonderful, sophisticated chestnut filly with crystalline red hair. LocationMackeyville, PA.... This little fellow is really cute. The Hawkeye is an expert driver. Smoky mini-galoon. Cobalt is a 34 " small schwarz-weißer. Eye-catching stallion "Adorable 33", willing to join and go on the trail, the carriage is prepared for use as new.....

Actualized* 10 years old, 32", grey/silver, filly mini horse for sale. Five inches mini Geldings for sale. RUORRIVER is a 34 inches mini-bolt.

Dinnerware Smucker

Every Smuckers Harness is made by hand when an order is placed. We will send you a measurement table after your order to calculate the height of your horse/pony. Sucker Chest Neck Harness are here listet, but also full neck harness and multiple harness (pairs, Tandem, Four-in-Hands) are available.

The necklaces of all our crockery are charged separat. The harness is available in: Miniature, Small Pony, Medium Pony, Big Pony, Cob, Horse, Oversize, Draught and Draught. The BETTER FIT FADDLE is available as an accessory to your harness. The Better Fit seat has been the result of five years of research and developement.

"The Smucker Better Fit nut, developed for the horse of the twenty-first centigrade, benefits all races. It spreads the back cushion and waves more evenly. Smucker' s Harness marathon was developed for the ultimate sports of combination riding. The fittings are made of high-grade steal. You can choose between red-brown and brown.

Available with or without patina. Nylons enforced nappa skin. The harness comes with the Better Fit seat. Smucker Ruset Deluxe Harness is made of the same quality English Bridle leathers as Deluxe Harness®, but in red hide with hand-sewn holders. Each Smucker tableware is available in red-brown as well as in ebony.

Ruset can be used to contrast or complement any horse in all hues, colours and marks. Because of the amount of work with red leathers, there is a small surcharge in comparison to the traditional red one. Multi-purpose, high-quality harness, suitable for theurrey, RuneBout or Madowbrook at an outstanding cost. Contains all reddish brown rein, chest neck buckles, rolling edges, swung top and seat post made of rustproof steal.

A lot of pat is stock; also available without pat. Avaiable in all dimensions (oversize plus 10%, mini trigger 10%), optionally with brazen or high-grade finish fittings. Think of it as an upgrading for your harness: Super Deluxe Harness is a breathtakingly stylish harness in showmanship. Including all reddish brown rein, buckles in the chest neck, roll neck closure, swung top, all hand-sewn holders, high-grade finish and saddlery trees, for which Smuckers is known.

A lot of pat is stock; also available without pat.

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