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Saving a Mini Pony

You can read profiles of miniature horse personalities. The jackpot is a pony and came to us with behavioral problems. There are two mini rescue horses that have just been appointed as the newest members of the Pitt County Sheriff's Office in North Carolina. Home About us - The Minis - Sponsor of a Mini - Meet The Minis. Equine New England Equine Rescue North Northern New England Horse Pony Rehabilitation Rehabilitation Relocation Volunteer Charity.


MHR is also working to minimise cases of equine misuse and negligence through educational and public relations work. We are one of the few equestrian rescue organisations on the western slope to offer a wide range of services. Although we make a small bump in the road, we make an eternal distinction for the animals we can rescue.

Today there are an estimation of 170,000 undesirable animals in the whole country, 6,000 of them in Colorado alone. Between 120,000 and 130,000 of these are sent each year to Mexico and Canada for slaughtering, where they are prepared for humans. Furthermore, every year the Bund-Länder Federation completes 9,400 exhibition spaces for field riding, but only 1 in 3 find a home.

In order to achieve these goals, each animal is provided with nutrition, accommodation, nursing, health treatments and education to make it adoption. Because of the amount of room and financing, a small number of ponies are taken in for the remainder of their life in the rescue station.

Ponys & Minis - Horse Harbour

BISCUCE is a Pinto Pony Gelding, born around 1998. She is a pony born around 1986. They came to Horses' Haven when the proprietor surrendered. Predecessor auctioneers saved them, but were unable to keep them after a lifetime was over. She is a Pony of the Americas (POA) with an estimated colt year 1997.

He' s totally blindfolded and came to Horses' Haven because he was attacked by the other ponies in his former home. Now, he is sharing a willow with our mini asses who wouldn't be dreaming of him. There is DOLLY for adoptions and sponsorshipsDolly is a mini mares born around 2003.

After an animal control attack, she came to Horses' Haven with her girlfriend Pixie from a transient care family. She is a fox filly, born around 2001. So Heidi is a 1985 born pony mistress. In November 2008 she joined Horses' Haven. She went blank before she arrived, but you would never know if she got around her willow.

She came to Horses' Haven with her grazing companions Mike and Velvet when their owners were no longer able to look after them due to changes in their wellbeing. Jewel was a child pony in a former lifetime, in recent years she has accompanied them. A pony filly born around 2008.

Snapped from an auctions, she was delivered to Horses' Haven when her saviors realised that they were not ready to redeem her from her previous traumatic experience. PIXIEE is a mini mares born around 2003. After an animal control attack, she came to Horses' Haven with her girlfriend Fredus.

Born in 1993, he is a 1993-year old mini-galoon. After the death of their owners, he came to Horses' Haven with his buddies Echo and Isabelle. He is a 1994 born P. O. A. gelding. He is a member of the P.O.A. family. is a Pinto Pony filly, born around 1978. It came to Horses' Haven as proprietor and very thin.

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