Mini Pony Tack


Weberin Miniature Horse Average adjustability of the halter. Tack Paris USA Leather rolled Mini and Pony Horse Show halter with lead. High quality reversible belt for your pony! Minature Horse & Pony Bars;

Bridles, Blankets, Upholstery, Chest Collars, Bits, Cinches and Stockings. And if you've got Minis, this is the EZ Get-In Pony Car!


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Ponysized nylon halter with glitter overlay

Pony -sized pony - sized halters with a nosepiece and crowns padded with fluorescent green lining, accentuated with sparkle.... Pony sized pony sized nylon holster with nickle finish fittings and laryngeal buckle measuring 7.5" nose-length,.... With a pony emblem in the hairs, this junior-size personal care bristle has a tough quality fabric..... Made in the USA, this pony sized cowhide harness is delivered with a pony sized rein and a pony sized willow.....

The American pony sized headpiece and chest neck kit comes with a grassy pony..... The American pony sized pony sized nylon blind headpiece and chest neck kit comes with a 2 layer.... Pony -sized wetsuit Kinch comes with stainless stell parts. The browband stable in pony sized is made of high grade cowhide and is delivered with rein.....

Featuring full 4.5" torsion ed steel wires, this pony barn is sewn twice and comes fully sewn in white pony style..... Pony sized pony sized nylon headpiece with an ankle strap and an integrated strap for a comfortable fit. Gorgeous, cyan -coloured headpiece and chest collars with cyan -coloured crystals and strass stones..... Elegant metal spray head on calfskin fringes headpiece and chest collars. This elegant metal spray head is....

Gorgeous metal rose headpiece and chest neck kit with rose crystals hearts and konchos is equipped with a function..... The Kodel Princess Pony Pads measure 24" x 24". A Kodel Flex lower part with buckskin abrasion, this serious pony top cushion has a Kodel Flex lower part and a "Work" pony.... The Navajo pony cushion with felt bottom and buckskin abrasion padding is 24" x 24"......

The Navajo Pony Fly Pads are supplied in economical design with a fleet bottom and buckskin leather..... The Navajo pony cushion with Kodel fur bottom and leather sole is 24'' x 24"..... The pony cushion is made of 24 " x 24" woolen fabric. Measure the body size and body mass of horses and ponies.

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