Mini Shetlands for Sale

Minishetlands for sale

PLCBS reg, licensed and proven miniature Shetland stallion. Purchase expressive mini Shetland horses from breeders and individuals. Minihorse and Shetland Pony facts and information. At a star-studded Christmas concert. View the fillies, mares and geldings we offer for sale at Outlaw Miniatures & Shetlands.

Mini Shetlands for sale by mini HorseSale

Maybe the most extraordinary and thrilling offer on sale! Michigan's Never Out Of Style is a twice recorded AMHA/AMHR three-year-old by Hall Of Fame (HOF) Modern Shetland and both top and bottom. He is not only royal breeded, but already Champion 2o11 All Star Modern Shetland 41&under & Reserve Champion Modern Jr Under, 2011 All Star Modern Shetland 42&under and Reserve Champion Modern Jr Under and Overall, 2012 Reserve Modern Pleasure at the congress.

This autumn we are selling this horse before our AMHA/AMHR dispersion because he is willing to compete in the show ring this year. Select whether you want to show him ASPC or AMHR. Celebration sales are in Wilmington Ohio and can be seen there.

To see it and sign up as a buyer before the sale begins, click on the links below! And if you like the shetland extremes and one that is 34 " (and can be admitted to AMHA in 2013!), this could be the stud that puts YOUR farming on the chart.

She is a fatherly brother of the 2012 AMHA World GRAND CHAMPION Senior Steallion and World SUPREME CHAMPION, Grahams Ragtime, which Kimberly Sweatt owns. He is an SO erect and graceful - even when he is 10 years old! ASPC 38 " Shetland Stud - NATIONAL CHAMPION SLINGLE PLASURE PLEIVING!

It' s not often that I miss the words - but this stud has SUCCESS! Tea is an AMHR/ASPC Shetland Stud horse with a spectacular show carreer that has been emphasized by his AMHR National PLEASURE PLEASURE CHAMPION. The young colt already has some beautiful colts on the floor, who have passed on his extremely good movements.

When you are looking for the ideal Shetland Stud at the right cost, think of Lighting! That stud is EVERYTHING! Allow it to shrink your Shetlands and give all your BIG mare BIG Shetland movements and a sleek, even bodied with a nice skull! This is a unique chance to buy a stud of this calibre!

When you want to make a name for yourself in the R/Shetland breed, then this stud is just the right for you! "5'' x SMHC's Liberty 36. The AMHR/ASPC Yearling Black SHOW Gun - AMHR NATIONAL Top Ten now! This breathtaking filly comes from two National Champion Showhorses! He is the 2009 NATIONAL GRAND CHAMPION STOILION The Die is Cast!

The Is Cast is not only a National Grand Champion, but also his motherly sister A Pharaohâs Fortune is a National Grand Champion! Is Cast's first colts have already won in the show ring, including National Halter Champion AE Starlet and Res National Halter Champion AE Shez All That.

Heroâ' s mother, CRL Black Pearl, is 3X National Champion in the holster! She is a full sibling of the Congress Champion Wallach CRL Apollo! He is sired by the AMHR Get-Of-Sire National Champion, SMHC'S Freedom's Totally Fabulous (HOF), who in 2012 sired the National Grand Champion stallion in three countries - the USA with the UNIMIMOUS SMHC'S Super Freak, in Australia with SMHC'S Top Dollar and in Great Britain with the Grand and Reserve Champion stallion SMHC'S Treasured Possession and SMHC'S Dom Perignon - via CONSISTANCY!

is a SMHC`S Just Pretty out of SMHC`S Freedom`S Justice producers of the 2009 AMHR National Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Stallions SMHC`s Masquerade and SMHC`S Let`S Dance. carson has the sophisticated, extrem look that wins in the AMHR & Shetland show series. Shetland Bay Yearling Show ASPC colt with CHROME!

Had I bred Shetlands, that kid would be in my shed in no time! The slick is only ASPC (Shetland) certified, it should ripen about 36" - 37" and be a power in the show ring. He is a team of Shetland stars such as WINKS and SHOWDEO. He has a brief back and a powerful hips - and is the perfect riding contender after his holster careers.

Jr. Baxters Black Intimidator anka Dale (named after the famous Dale Earnhardt) Classic Under Stenlion. Your father put the show ring on FIRE with National Champion and Grammchampions! AASPC AMHR 2 years old brown stud 36" AMHR Congress & AMHR Nationals TOP FIVE 2012! He is already making a name for himself in the show ring.

To a very small extent, he was honoured with TOP FIVE at the ASPC Congress and TOP FIVE (4th) at AMHR Nationals 2012. Your fillies have WON at Shetland Congress. Do not take any risks with your Shetland/AMHR breed-programme. She is AMHR & ASPC so you can participate in the Nationals AND Shetland Congress.

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