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Silver Royal King Bar Mini Show Holder. With the Premium Miniature Show Holder from Mini Country Tack your horse is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher in the show ring! Mini leather size silver show halter. The holder has double buckles on the crown and a triple adjustable nose and larynx lock.

Premium Miniature Show Halter

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The Mini Country Tack Premier Show Halter is sure to make your showring an eye-catcher! Manufactured from smooth 5/8" genuine cowhide hide, this halter has hand-engraved Mexico sterling bars on the noseband and cheek. This halter will surely make your miniture look hot, no matter if you compete in Western Stock Halter, Showmanship or Obstacle!

Small size: cheek: ca. 4,25", nose 6", crown 15" Large size: ange ca. 4,75", nose 8,5", crown 17".

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Fohlenhalfter or SaughalfterPresent your foal or fillies with these babyblue or lightpink holders and fit your new coltAlso for mini-horsesColours from 10" to 15" noseband size is 16" cheek bones are 3" long All dimensions and weight are approximately See my other articles and include my shop in your favourites listing!

Midget / filly or Shetland / small cushioned halter and weight kit in the size of a fringe. High quality, balance halter with nose strap and upholstery. The cable is 2 meters long and has a sprayed strap at one end. It' clippless, but you can simply attach a tieclip by sanding it or have me split a beautiful little tieclip and attach a ring to the back of your halter to hold a smaller, easier one.

Simply mail me a nose band measuring and I make it suitable for your little one! Middle Mini, suitable for show mini and small colts. Shipment includes FREE miniature horse or pony, 5' imitation SHOW 5 " SHOW line 1/2" width with security clasp at the end This delicate imitation leash is made in the USA by the Amish.

It is not slipy like Biothan or patented leads. Has a very smooth handle (which makes.... more easily to grasp) and is in the colour FLAT BLACK. There is a security clasp (replaces a spring lock) for a safe fastening to your halter or halter-chinchain.... no " unintentional " opening of a "spring lock" and the loss of your horses or ponies!

Jon/Amish $29. 95 Shipment is free Show Halters are available without accessory. Under " Show Halter Section of our Store " you will find a choice of concchos, necklaces, necklaces and leads to complement and decorate your halter. In a " PERPER FRITTING HALTER " the strap crosses the nostril and ends a THUMB'S WIDTH under the cheek bone on both sides!

Useful Information & Concepts You may recognise some of the concepts that are used to help pinpoint different emphases used in the creation of your particular "Cable Show Holder! "These will help you to know and understand the different emphases you can select from: cablesides: Extremely powerful yet thin cord introduced by a tube-shaped patent....make-up on the sides of this show halter.

Patented noseband: Connect the sides of the wire via the lug. Connect the sides of the wire via the lug. Select from 14K Stuffed Golden, Stereo Silver, Bronze, Copper Oriented or a mix of bar colours on a lacquered horse collar as noted on the table. Coloured tube-shaped (14K golden stuffed, solid brass or copper) accents on wire sides and/or wire holders.

Tube-shaped (14K golden stuffed, solid black solid brass or copper) with minute cut-outs to reveal the deep contrasts of the wire sides or nose strap. 100 percent cotton handmade braided show halter made from 100 percent inelastic cotton rope, this miniature holder fits miniature horses, small mountain and moor colts, Shetland and Welsh Section A & C colts.

Also available in WEISS for the Show Ring and in SCHWARZ for home use! Petite handmade braid holder, for small Welsh Sec A or Welsh Sec C4 colts. Manufactured from high grade 8 mm thick pure wool cord with 7/8" broad, finely braided shallow end and nostril. Nice effective show halter that says goodness without...affecting the beauty of your pony!

In the Welsh Cob Store, each owner is handcrafted from the best available material, Welsh Cob Store is not a general saddlery business and we specialise only in the hand-held demonstration of Welsh Ponies + Cobs, Mountain + Moor Breeds, Large Horses and Traditional. Together with possibly everything you need for a handcrafted presentation, our handcrafted hangers are delivered to top show gardens and specialists in Wales and worldwide.

Braided strands are made with great love for detail not only to the braid, but also to the width and width of your preference to best match your exhibit. We do not connect braided ropes with flat ropes as others do, as this is not secure!

No matter what your needs are, the halter of your choosing and even your styling or modifications can be made at Welsh Cob Shop, we provide a quick, dependable and effective after sales support! Impeccable Miniature Horse Holder with Case Holder- 12" High x 5" Wide(ca. Bags- 20" High x 12" Wide(ca. Equipped with Case Holder - Made to Measure - Only Used, Two-Piece, High-Quality Vinyl Cross to Noose / Side Covers with Golden Cone There are cheap synthetic models of this article that may look similar.

This halter is made of genuine hide & very high class. Grade A (as I was told) mini show holder. A lot of sterling iron. A good clean is needed, but it won't cost much to make a nice holster out of it. Features dual buckle on the top and a triple lock for the lock of the noses and larynx.

ARABIC STYLE SHOWHALF MINIATURE HORSE MADE QUALITY ROLLED SILVER CONCHOS/TINY RED STONE THIS HALTER HAS BEEN SOLD FOR 169 ORIGINAL. please order any question before the end of the show show show shipment, will be $ 5. 6' Show Lead Chrom Snap 6' Great conditions.

There are some other mini item available. Beautiful and looks like imitation vinyl. Extremely original styling, high class halter for horses. The combination of this nose strap with the ingenious filament pages gives you one of the most beautiful halter on the web. The survey is 21 1/8" long from the centre bore or 21 " 24" long from the centre bore or 21 " 24" long from the nose strap is 9" and fixed not flexible.

A nice halter that also comes with a 6 feet long showline with stop and strap. This has an 18" sterling necklace and a holder. There is also a necklace in the box, in order to add to the silvery one you can use. The halter was $325 brandnew and the leader was $45 and was used only half a dozen time.

Halter-Arabian style halter show dog - a classical aesthetic tract specially designed for the halter dog. Lacquered wire sides in monochrome lacquer. Massive and delicate wire end sleeves on the sides and on the nostril. Featuring the CLASSY EXPENSIVE look that works with EVERY COLOUR COAST, this halter highlights every hair with golden and sterling trimmings! It has a suitable necklace (silver) necklace holder and Biothane leash with stop at one end, nice Concho's at each temple and a golden necklace.

You can adjust the halter cord. The halter will certainly attract attention in the show ring! You' re looking at a miniature horse pearl halter. These halter is from the small to middle sized adjustably. This halter has silvery and ice-blue pearls on the cheeks and a gleaming ice-blue noseband.

That holster really triggers a helm! That'?s your holster! Do not hesitate to ask any question and take a look at the other mini packs I have for purchase this time. It' an adults-sized holster. 3/8 " Alpha Tane Pb and Golden Collar. Show Halter Black Patent Cable.

Caveson & blue pearls, gold accents, with 2 chains Show leaders make not known. The nose band from side to side (top only) is 6 inch. There is a light run-up of weight on the track. You can see a young man in this halter.

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