Mini Therapy Horses

Mini-Therapy Horses

Disabled children, injured veterans, victims of tragedies and everyone else finds comfort in mini therapy horses. Did you ever think of using your miniature horse for therapy? We' ve all heard of therapy animals like dogs or rabbits; but what about horses? Support for mini horses from Hope's Promise Farm at Watters' World.

Mini therapy horses have helped many people and given them hope.

Mini-therapy horses have a great influence on everyone they hit.

A Californian friend of animals shows everyone that mini-horses can stand out in therapy work. Victoria Nodiff-Netanel has chosen to buy a mini pony as a domestic dog after her succesful training carreer. Viktoria and her daugther would find every reason to go to the mini-horses at Quicksilver Ranch in California.

Victoria got an initial notion when she took one of the mini-horses home: It was Victoria who began to train her first mini-horse and to reach every possible person she could. Writing deeds and telephoning, and when their horses were prepared, they began their therapy work in a veterans wards.

Victoria saw her mini-girl make an immediate impression and Victoria knew she could do more. A number of other mini-horses join the group and Victoria founded a non-profit, volunteer-led organisation named Mini Therapy Horses. Minihorses Pearl, Willow, Belle, Valor, Blue Moon, Louise and Stormy work with persons of all age who undergo various medicinal treatment and need special comforts.

They dedicate their lives to the education and grooming of their mini-therapy horses, and as a group they help others in need. Each of the seven mini horses weighs between 100 and 150 lbs and are specially designed to provide shelter, assistance and pleasure to those in need. Your moves are amazing, but that's not what a miniature equine is remarkable at being a therapeutic beast.

And Victoria said: One of Victoria's mini-horses, Willow has assisted innumerable kids and vets in finding this peaceful moments. He was unable to see the mini-horse stand in front of him, but his hand went from ear to hoof, and for the first case in month he was serene. These are the everyday tales in the Mini Therapy Horses family.

You are a regular visitor to the Ronald McDonald Houses, the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Hospital and an member of the LA Mayor's Crisis Response Group. Victoria says it was: Victoria, her volunteer teams and her seven mini-therapy horses make a big impact in many ways. Find out more about the therapy programme missions by browsing their website and keep up to date with what they are doing on Facebook.

Did you ever see mini-horses as therapy-animal? Please let us know what you think of these little horses in the commentaries.

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