Mini Therapy Horses for Sale

Mini-therapy horses for sale

Love to share our gift with others and can help you start your own therapy program with one of our therapeutically trained miniature horses for sale. Therapy compatibility and quality perspectives. Physiotherapy-trained miniature horses for sale. Have a look at all currently available beautiful horses. There are many types of miniature horses, including the following:

Miniature Kid Safe horses for sale

It likes the attentiveness and the human beings. She is a beautiful little woman, twice enrolled, an outstanding mother, extremely soft and kind. Cute little filly. Very cute. Deworming. Dentistry blacksmith work. Good blacksmith. The AMHA Sterling fillies were foaled on May 22nd and ripen into either a silvery apple or a smoky oat mucosa.....

Actualized* 10 years old, 32", grey/silver, filly mini horse for sale. Beautiful brown pinto mini pinto filly with partly bare face, two dark green coloured red and eyeliners. Cassie' a very nice little gal everyone can work with.

So Squeaky is a 12 year old, pinto sized dam, who is as cute as she comes!

So Squeaky is a 12 year old, pinto sized dam, who is as cute as she comes! The Squeaky therapy is a therapy for care institutions and is not carried out gradually with walking aids, wheelchairs or in-patients. Comes with her Therapy Horse Registration Certificate and a Therapy Horse Vest. He is a young filly by birth (foal 26.03.2013).

She' s unbelievably cute, kind and likes humans. She was educated to go to nursing homes and enjoyed the whole summers at bangs where she was stroked and brushed by children. When you hoped to start a civil servant and bring minature horses to the elderly & ill, Snow Angel is the first of all!

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We proudly are the only small horses stallion in Europe specialising in the sale of fully qualified small therapy horses. Besides the sale of fully qualified mini-therapy horses we also regularly sell mini-therapy horses with the added benefit that they have been reared with the same standard of keeping and training as our therapy horses, which makes them exceptionally meek, spiritually even and well-educated.

Our horses have got a passport and are DNA-certified. Our Miniature Horses have the latest ammha certificates and are pedigree certified. All our horses for sale are well-mannered, meek, easily caught, human-oriented, guided, used to scissoring and weeding. All our horses are of course up to date on vaccinations (tetanus and influenza), strategical worming, horse grooming and toothpaste.

If you are interested in a particular type of horses, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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