Miniature Appaloosa for Sale

Mini Appaloosa for sale

There is a super friendly, sweet miniature horse mare at our disposal. Colors is a real BLACK Snowcap appaloosa stallion. Rarer colors include those of color and Appaloosa backgrounds. Miniature Arizona horse breeder, stable mats for sale. Apaloosa miniature horses performing!

An Appaloosa miniature model

Based in Rock, West Virginia, we are focused on providing the highest levels of compliance. Pictures of Terri Pattison - You can see my animal pictures here. A Model Minis website is copyrighted. You may not copy or link to any part of this website without the explicit consent of its owner. The pictures are artworks and may not be used without authorization.

Miniature Farm Southern Breezes

Southern Breezes Mini-atures Horse is a small ranch with the aim of selective and sophisticated miniature horse breeds, which are highly competetive in the show ring, strengthening your breed programme and giving pleasure to your whole household. They are selected for their proper appearance, outstanding temperament, harmonious, graceful movements and power.

What we have done and what we are doing here, we like it and invite you to come and see us when you are in our area. I' ve also added a small flock of nice AMHR/Shetlands from the collection with their own celebrities present and past. I' m proud of ALL my ponies.

Each of our ponies is at least double and some threefold recorded. We bred nice show and broodmares. Some of the funniest things you can think of when your baby is walking around the field and on your laps. I' m really in loving this season.

It is not simple to separate from our ponies, regardless of whether they are weaners or grownups, so that they only go to registered shelters. From time to time we also have mature broodmares and/or colts for sale. Some of the items for sale are not shown on the sale page. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you would like to visit our estate.

and all the beautiful little ones here.

Homepage Sweet Home

have been a pivotal element in the choice of the nucleus. Genealogical charts for each animal on demand and a family tree for each animal will be added in the next few days to give you an idea of its amazing lineage. This is a place where you will find the emphasis on miniature-Appaloosa.

You can also find pink pintalo, pintos and monochrome thumbnails with top-lines. Falabellas are several 100% virgin, the majority of the flock being Falabella mixtures. Singular samples, exclusively for appaloosa and pint-taloosa genetic were needed. The A. L. A. flock is reinforced with these scarce samples. Don't miss the occasional dark green eyes in some of the ponies.

"Accuracy " are some samples of the quest for the conformity of the Appaloosa in miniature. Don't let her other spotty looks detract from her excellent physique. Whatever your reason for having a miniature animal, from the pro demonstration to our few pet-quality miniatures, you will have an invaluable partner for you.

The miniature horse....for the passion for horses! A 21-year-old, 16.1hh tri-color basis cultivated Leon Appaloosa Gelding. The Halo is 2 years old and 100% from the breeding of clear leopards appaloosa without roans and with giant tricolored stains. Celebrate your stay and come back often to join the beauties and loves that make Apple Little Angels the place it is.

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