Miniature Babies for Sale

Baby miniatures for sale

You can find miniature goats for sale in our cattle breeding category. Buyer's Guide; How to Buy - General Information - Payment - Delivery - Exchange and Returns - Gift Card - Gift Certificate - Recalls - My Account. Oak Baby Girl Dollhouse Miniature Baby SALE by TinyBabyShop. Are you looking for doll toys for children?

We' ve got a large selection of baby dolls and boy dolls for children here at The Entertainer!

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Blushes with constant fixation of heats. Pirates Minibaby. Steampunk baby buccaneer. Blushes with constant fixation of heats. Baby Fairy Mini. Blushes with constant fixation of heats. The Chubby Mini Baby. Blushes with constant fixation of heats. Large in sitting posture. About 5 Inch . handcrafted from a form of superb Scotch clays.

Manual Scotted Girl Polymer Handcrafted Girl Dolly, Artist Dolly, Oak No Reserve! This is a miniature artist ooak biscuit babydoll. Puppet can be placed. Breathtaking oak angels in a large crystal in either red or red inlays. Encircled by rose marabu feathers and placed on a cot.....

C is blond fiber or one of a kind of small size 12. graduated puppet. the size of a 12 months old kid in... handcrafted from a form of superb Scotch clays. Oak polymer cllay 2 inch baby with crocheted white BUNNY cap ? By Kim.....

Babydoll, matching with tone, color and lacquer and thin wisps of dark color. Babypuppet with sound, colour and lacquer, in beautiful christening gown and hood sweet oak bunch of babies twin look! There are two sweet little girls, a little guy and a little girlfriend, whose little faces are so detailled, real and cut!

A miniature sequence! These are my bunch of babies, always so sweet! Oak polymeric cllay 2 inch infant with crocheted blue BUNNY cap ? By Kim..... Babydoll adjusted with sound, color and lacquer. Charming handmade, articulated babydoll made of earthenware with cloth corpus, the dress is not detachable.

Wearing scarlet with spotted miniskirt and crocheting a brown cap with ribbon. Colour the lips and cheeks and hair ribbon. manufactured clothing for 10" vine dolls of oak or similar sizes. SPLAY ON 10" LARGE splay on 10" large format ABY CLAIRE. Unremovable rug and cap.

Hand-made sweet infant, non-removable packaging, not secure for children. Polymere Ooak Clay 2 Inches Newborn Babe With Hot Peppy (Girl) by Kim..... Apply rose diaper and rose loop to plus small can... Oak Polymer Clay 2. 25 " Naked REALISTIC by Kim.

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