Miniature Blanket


The waterproof blanket features a unique thermal lining material that is lightweight and keeps your Mini warm even in cold weather. This is a cool mini blanket for your Barbies or even bigger dolls like Bratz dolls. Small ceiling Back on Track Mini blanket is 20" x 27" of reassuring kindness! It is one of our most diverse because it can be used in so many different ways. Manufactured from our state-of-the-art Welltex fabric, the Mini Blanket works with your body's own power to offer a calming effect on muscle, tendon and joint pain.

These are just a few ways to get the most out of the Back on Track Mini Blanket: The blanket is available in a 20 " x 27" format. Maintenance instructions:

Chest Miniature Blanket

One of my latest engagements is this ceiling breast. When I had built a fully-fledged ceiling cabinet, I reduced it to a "souvenir box". Now, I've shrunk the memory pack to make this tiny trunk. Like the two large trunks from which it was graduated, this miniature ceiling trunk is also equipped with subtle detailing, among them a semi-blind swallowtail design, swallowtail-shaped clamp legs, swallowtail-shaped drawers and a flap cover with latch.

The broad range of bit sizes allows the carpenter to form almost any type of pattern.

600D Chequered Thermo-Manager Miniature Blanket with Lining

Featuring a thermal lining that's light and light, this impermeable blanket keeps your body cool even in cool climates. Special characteristics of this blanket are a 600 D ripstop, pleats on the shoulders, fittings in high-grade steal, dual fastener and velcro, front belts with low pretension, detachable legs and tailgate, with anti Fleece.

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