Miniature Donkey Driving Harness

Donkey miniature harness

Pleasure Harness for Mini-Small Donkey/MulesHandcrafted, high class harness in small sizes, especially developed for mules. Handmade, high-quality tableware in minisize, especially for burros and mayoes. These harnesses are available in chest collars or collars/hamens styles. The CT Buggy Harness is developed to make your horse comfortable and durable. The harness is suitable for both driving enjoyment and exercise.

These special sizes of our handcrafted buggies are only suitable for small asses and butts. In the early 1990s, we spend at least a year designing a harness suitable for miniature ass es and mice. The harness is manufactured in the same sizes. Guarantees perfect and convenient for your small donkey (pony size) or butt.

It fits on every Mini-Esel/Mule we have been wearing since 1994. We' re dying to have photos of your little monkeys and mice in their lovely new fun-ware. It has a smooth, well cushioned seat covered with genuine leathers. The Brahma Web - a matt, very hard-wearing Betathan or bioplastic fabric - a glossy (more like pat ) mat.

For Brahma Web Harness we now have an additional carrying belt on the inside of the sling at no surcharge. You can switch the scale from side control to checking or not checking. You can choose between chest neck styles or collar/hammer styles. The harness with brassb fittings is guarantee but cannot be returned:

You can choose between bioplastics (glossy) or Brahma Web (matt). Available in either powdercoated or corrosion-resistant finish. Sized:: From small to large for dressage on horse, donkey and mule. Every dish is tailored to the particular needs and dimensions of the pet.

Our harness is as always in top condition.

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