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So are Weanling & Newborn Holsters! This holster was developed especially for a donkey hair in miniature format. High-grade brassmetal hardware with spring lock for simple care of your donkey. Every holster also has a fully reclining headband and noseband with holders and can be adapted to most mules.

The weaning and neonatal holsters have neither a spring lock nor an adjustment noseband. Size: Adults miniature donkey over 1 year. The circumference of the nosepiece is adjusted from approximately 19" in the first to 22 " in the last and the bottom of the other nosepiece is adjusted from 27" to 30" donkey at the ages of 6 month to 1 year.

The size of the nasal area is adjusted for about 14 " fillies from 2 to 6 month. The perimeter of the nostril is about 16" to the other end of the nasal ring will change from 20" to 22" to about two month. Scope of the nosepiece is about 13" to other bottom of the nosepiece will be from 19" to 22" You can order by using PAY PAAL below or simply call us or e-mail (615-504-4536) with your order.

XHaaulter & UpFree Shipment! There may be extra costs if you wish to have your halter sent by FedEx. Because of all the issues we've faced with clients in other nations who order our holsters and then withdraw when they found out what the cost of delivery would be, we no longer ship everywhere except the lower 48 states.

Just below: with your order and we will email you a PayPal enquiry for the full amount due and your delivery charges. ONLY UNDERNEATH: HALTER: Mel, another happy client, gives us the stinking eyeball and models the newly born holster in vin. It is the smallest holster we wear and you can see that it has a lot of room to be let out as it grows....but remember...this holster will only last for a few month as they do.

"Your holsters, your fast services and the great value! That holster is new-born. I' ve just ordered the spreader from you in Royale for his next holster. Lovin' your holsters! I' m sure if it keeps growing, I' ll order another holster. Mel is called after my best friend Melissa, who died of breastcancer on December 15.

" No more embroideries, because the machines can hardly penetrate through the thick of our halter.

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