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She is a very pretty and quiet miniature mare. Furthermore, at what age can miniature horses be bred? This filly is believed to turn black with a white star. A breathtaking, deep black filly is a pure American miniature with great bloodlines, excellent temperament and appearance. Fillies or colts of the current year.

Midgety Filly for Sales

AMA/AMHR Suitable Bay Pinto Filly - SILENT PARTNER Grands-Daughters! Jewellery is a granddaughter of McCarthy's Aloha Silent Partner - 2010 AMHA World Champion Get-Of-Sire and WORLD Res VRAND CHAMPION Senior Stallion! Your father, Heir, is a straight ROWDY girl! The little filly is raised with the MAX!

EMHA/AMHR Registred Bay Pinto Filly - NIGHTHAWK granddaughter! The filly has all the requirements of a world champion. She is a descendant of the productive Champion Farm Nighthawk and her mother has NRC, Blue Boy and the best Bond sires. The filly has everlasting feet, a natural hook-shaped throat and a small skull.

Email for prices - it is for sale! OF THIS FILLY'S LISTPRIZE! Now, this monochrome trunner won't last long at this great prize! and I' m so glad to see I was right. This filly not only has a nice head, it could not be better with 4 blank feet and an "Oreo"-centre as well.

She' s the ideal mix of Gator, a multiple world champion stallion known for his extruded minds, and her mother, who is sleek and upstanding. The filly has a great deal of attention and manners. It is AMHA certified and comes with an R-application and has been shortlisted for AMHR Futurity!

Now I know this striking filly won't last long! A stunning filly by Fallen Ash Eagles Red To Remember Ash Eagles (Grayson), Champion Filly by WGR. He is a who-is-who of the top ponies of the miniature age. Grayson has not only created a MULTIPLE GRAND Champion - but also MULTIPLE stallions & mileage.

Chrissy's mother, Ravenwood Aristocrat Only The Best (Panda) is a subsidiary of world champion SRF Aristocrat and a granddaughter of L&D Scout. She' s champion of East and East Germany. Featuring a bloodline of this HUGE, this little filly is designed for size. You' ll see Gator all over this valuable 20.

The filly is AMHA-registered and AMHR-suitable. It was very exciting to breed this filly on Gator, as Blue Boy fillies have sired very well on First Knight sires. She' s one I'll be so upset to see in a few month's timeframe because I know she'll be a Gator kid and will just get better and better over the years.

This filly is expected to ripen around 31-inch. Then she will be the kind of filly that can go so many different ways as she has a good height, a beautiful face and an astonishing body. I shouldn't have any favourites - but this beautiful filly is my FAVORITE Star foal on the side!

That petite little filly is really beginning to bloom! The Echo is a light brown filly with back stripes and back. He has a wonderful filly with a lot of courage and engergy. The Echo should be a great show filly. CHestnut SHOW Filly by "Gator" AMHA Registered 2013 At last another foal out of a filly I adore, Miss Crissy.

He has also created many World Top Tens, Regional Grands and Supreme Champions. I had hoped to get another foal out of her after two years without a foal, especially a small, graceful filly with a soooooo long throat and a small, valuable skull! He is multiple World Champion and father of many Honor Roll Champions.

Whenever Gator gives me sophistication and beautiful minds, this puppet is no exeption. She' gonna make a really cute show filly for a happy customer. Only a few of our studs have shaped the miniature horse scene as much as BILLY IDOL. Billy Idol is himself 2x Res Western Champion and today quickly belongs to the TOP breeders of showjumpers worldwide.

The 2009 Amsterdam Get-Of-Sire Champion, Billy Idol has collected tens of W & N Championships, WGRAND Championships and too many WTC. His mother has a family tree with L&D Scout, Little King Supreme & Rowdy and the renowned "HAWK" - 4 Gs Little King's Alfalfa Pleasure, who has been a major contributor to Reece Family Miniatures being at the top of the minihorse family.

"A World Top Five filly in a holster and a Unanimous Regional CHAMPION Liberty Horse. She has big "shoes" to fill - her full siblings LittleUn Farm Semis Amber Idol is 2x AMHA World Champion, first as a yearling and then as a senior filly in 2012.

The filly is a gold colt with a small sculpted face and big black-eyed. OF THIS FILLY'S LISTPRIZE! Luckily for everyone who wants to have a breathtaking filly for a great prize, I have two fillys here on the yard that are the same height as this filly.

Their extraordinary mother, several times world champion and world champion Produce Of Dam champion, LK Buffy Buckeroo is 21 years old this year, and I will be happy to hold Goddess back for my programme. I' m already looking forward to my breeding of some of the beautiful Gator sires.

Their father, Gator, is a multi world champion father with only a few foals on the slats. You better get a move on before I get out of my head and she's off the selling side forever. OF THIS FILLY'S LISTPRIZE! If you are breeding miniature show horses, such kittens are what you are dreaming of.

That filly's beautiful is no coincidence. Sophie' s father, Majesty, is one of the last Scout boys and we were delighted to buy him! A dam that has already bred several champion show ponies when she was bred on another Scout stallion, so we were very eager for our chances. That filly was everything we had been hoping for and more.

The filly is A & Registred and nominated in both registers! OF THIS FILLY'S LISTPRIZE! The face of this filly makes you just smiling! The filly has a high head, a long back and is very powerful and accurate! Gator, her father, comes from one of the world' s sexiest blood lines.

At First Knight we have bred many World Grand Champions who have bred World Grand Champions for generation after generation. At the mothers side you have one of the best broodmares stallions who ever has been living ~ Champion Farms Nighthawk! The filly is clean and clear bleed that can gain in the show ring and be a big hit in any herd!

I' d hate to offer this filly for $3,500. Registered AMHA, R approved and R Futurity nom.

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