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Hippopotamus and Mini Whallache for sale in the USA and Canada, offered by Ericas Tiny Trotters and other quality farms. Miniature horse breeder, for show, work or as pets, gentle, intelligent, good for children, miniature horses and miniature horse shows. The Mt Olympus miniature pony offers miniature ponies in show quality. We' re an American miniature horse breed near Paris. The Rancho Loco offers this breathtaking selection of miniature horses.

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The Freddo is a 5 year old, traditionally grey back strip, which leads a nice, quiet horse back ridein' ass to the cock. The first rider, currently rode by my 7-, 5- and 3-year-old grandkids. Very affectionate and true Shetland. She is a nice Sec D filly, this would be a great addition to any stallion.

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The 2015 nominating commission is $20 per gelding per holster or horse per year. The gelding is thus qualified for either the holster price or the achievement price. Nominations with name, number, proprietor and department ("A" min, "B" min, "Classic, Foundation, Modern, Modern Pleasure, ASPR).

a) Owner to BEST (above) 10 magistrates (can be less than 10 judges) and complete points sheet and returns points sheet to co-ordinator by 1 December 2015 at the latest. You can have 10 round noseband performers who are NOT the same 10 performers around the points. b) The entry date, place, judge, classname, number of entry in the category and ranking. c) One referee may be used more than once as long as the show date is different.

d ) The information on the category is checked with the ASPC/AMHR offices before the definitive table. e) Points are calculated on the number of registrations per category (including championships and major championships). f) In the event of a draw for the Super Gelding Award, the draw will be interrupted by the number of points collected in the Challenge Area.

Shows are open from 1 December 2014 to 30 November 2015. A gelding can be entered for the 2015 show and all shows in which he takes part can be numbered. Classification ( "ASPC/AMHR graded categories only"): a) All holsters (open, suitable for amateurs, youngsters and PMC): categories includes Halters, Holsters, Champion Holsters, Grands Championship Holsters, Colour. b) All performances (open, suitable for amateurs, youngsters and PMC): categories includes Saddlery categories, Riding categories, Hunters in the hands, Knights in the hands, Obstacles in the hands, Freedom, Coach categories, Costumes, Contemporary Roadsters in the hands, Drivers ability, Eventing, Obstacles.

Great gelding award divisions: 80 percent of the nominations fee for each category ("A" miniature, "B" miniature, Classical, Foundations, Contemporary & Contemporary Pleasure) will be made as follows: 40 percent for all around holsters and 40 percent for all around performances. The ASPR and NSPPR Allround winner receive 80% of the nominations for the ASPR and NSPPR areas.

Proceeds from the other 20% of the nominations will be used to cover administration expenses and to buy a memorial prize for the victor. Nominee funds are held in a segregated Joe bankroll held by the ASPC/AMHR offices. Please refer to the entry application for the postal adress. One gelding is still qualified for the super gelding program in the nominees year, even if he changes owner.

Registered documents must show the gelding's state before points are scored (for example, you cannot score points that you have scored as a stud in March if the pony/horse was licensed in April). Wallach can be shown by anyone (not restricted to the owners or their families). Wallache shown by teenagers must include their names on the points tabulation sheet.

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