Miniature Horse Accessories

Horse Mini Accessories

Anything for the dwarf horse. mini-horse polo wraps, stand-up wraps, stockings, saddle pads, etc. What's not sweeter than a miniature horse in a costume! Miniature Running Creek horse transporter. There is a large selection of miniature horse equipment, horse-related gifts and Breyer horses.

Horse Mini Accessories

Really, what's better than having a lifestyle you like? This means that whether you are looking for new bags, knobs, cases, caps or jewellery, you are sure to find the right solution for your own distinctive look. Our selection of tens of thousand different styles is sure to make you find the right accessory for you.

Make your own miniature horse accessories that say exactly what you think.

horseracing outfits

Well, what's not sweeter than a miniature horse in a outfit! Totally bodied sluts work great for wardrobe classes. Choose a basic colour, then choose your accessories to make them unique, or choose one of our ready-made outfits. Accessoires are easily found, as most Mini's with some modification can carry large, dog-sized suit accessories.

They can buy antlers browbands & Christmas caps that are made for humans in the dollars shop. Utilize our full bodied minisportrait and fix our full bodied horse in place with our full bodied horse and fix our coat around the borders with a big strap around the center for a nice look. Plenty of garlands that can be used, i.e. autumn garland, to turn you little into a bird scarer by using sackcloth for masking your bodies and gluing on your satin-blossoms.

buy handmade miniature dollhouses from many artisan shops and artists from all over the world on our website.

There is a large selection of prizes and a large selection of artisan craft goods from many nationalities. The articles are in 1:12 (1/12) but there is a special section for smaller sizes. All new articles are published from Monday to Friday, so take a look at our New Articles page or sign up for our newsletters to be informed about new articles in anticipation and buy them before they are released to the world.

All our items are collector's items for adults not destined for under 14s.

Nylon Miniature Horse Training Belt

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