Miniature Horse Breeders in Ontario

Ontario Miniature Horse Breeder

Horse and pony farms and companies in Ontario, Canada. Quality New Western saddles + Tack~~~~~, please let us know if you see an article about which you want or need more information. The Birchcliffe Farms, Gravenhurst, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. Loon's Call Farm is a small farm in northern Central Ontario. Victoria's Falabella miniature horses.

Oh, I like mini, mini, I like me!

We' re a miniature horse ranch just West of Alliston, Ontario. They have bred animals for generation, but we chose to go for miniature ponies after meeting these beautiful little ponies years ago. You can see our stallions in the High Point Shows for MHCO and at many trade shows, processions and festival around Ontario in high time.

They are also used in 4-H categories and one of our drivers has just won the Hanover Mini-Race for the third year! We have 1 colt on the yard, who produces most of our fillies and also broodmares for brood. We' ve got a Lama, Daisy, a beautiful, non spilling critter, who is very nosy and always very protecting to the flock, which is why we got her in the first place - protecting from beasts of prey!

From 2018 the barnyard will be closed because we are very occupied this year!

Loon's Call Farms

Hometown of such excellent studs as Ericas Oohhzz and Aahzzz, as well as beautiful broodmares as Buck Ons Midnite Cinderella, COH Gal Friday and Boones Little Jasmine Buckeroo, as well as of course Ericas Oohhzz and Aahzzz, as well as Little Destinys War Emblem and Little King BTU Buck et of Gold. Horse breeding comes from Florida, Indiana, Texas, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, Manitoba and Ontario and well-known ranches like Dent Miniature Horse Ranch, Alameda Farm and Little King Farm.

Loon's Call Farms is a small business in northern parts of Canton. I have some of the most famous blood lines in the miniature horse business such as Alvadars Classic Destiny, Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too, Little King's Buck Echo, Boones Little Buckeroo and Little King's Buck on Broadway, to name but a few.

My pony is doubly registred with the American Miniature Horse Association and the American Miniature Horse Registry. Erica's Oohhzz und Aaahzz und Aaahzz und Loon's Call Farms Midnight Magic sind ebenfalls bei der Pinto Horse Association of America Inc. registriert. Though often called miniature foals, the miniature horse is a horse.

In order to be regarded as a miniature horse, the heigth at the withers cannot be higher than 34" and they are reared in such a way that they have the appearance, the elegance and the intellect of their full-fledged mates. You are invited to explore the website, in particular the sale page, and to inquire about the stallions on these pages.

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