Miniature Horse Breeds

Breeds of miniature horses

There are two main types of miniatures, the refined Arab look and the more compact Quarter Horse look. American Miniature Horse Association promotes the breeding, use and maintenance of a standard for miniature horse breeding. This strikingly beautiful horse comes from Criollo, Welsh Pony, Shetland Pony and small thoroughbred breeds and can be shown, trained and ridden by small children. Whether young or old, only a few can resist the charm of the miniature horse. Breed Boutique: Miniature Horses Discover a new definition of downsizing, cowgirl style!

On the breed

Resulting from almost 400 years of selected cultivation, the historian tends to promote the miniature horse race as a derivation of many wells. During pre-historic periods, small horse breeds were most likely the outcome of survival from rough environmental conditions and finite forage. Today, genetic research has made it possible to grow according to specific sizes.

A small horse first mentioned in the United States in 1888; and research shows little visibility of real miniature paintings until 1960. The folklore is that American miniature ponies used the genealogy of British and Flemish mining ponies that had been introduced to the land in the nineteenth and early nineteenth centuries and used in some Appalan mine workings until 1950.

This American miniature horse, as recorded in the genealogical tables of the miniatures today, was also based on the Shetland Mary's sire. In the course of its colourful past, the miniature horse race was raised for domestic animals, innovation, research, money growth, mines, exhibitions and kingly presents. Not larger than a large canine, American Miniature Horse's "miniature" version of balance can be found in most horse breeds.

You can find miniature ponies in a color and type of rainbows. The American miniature horse is a soft and loving pet for people of all ages and abilities. Although delicate, miniature ponies are highly diverse and distinguish themselves in a wide range of events such as riding, holster, jumping, obstacles and others.

The American Miniature Horse - The horse for everyone!

Various breeds of miniature horses & ponies | Pets

There are many breeds and other differences when it comes to miniature and pony breeds that distinguish these little giant from big ones. Mini's have a long story in many areas, and today they perform many parts, among them pets, companions, show animals, servants and more. First miniature horse book was taken up in the United States, though miniature horse books may also have histories in other areas, and Iceland included.

It is assumed for these mini that their small build was the outcome of rough conditions that slowed their growing. Mini were also used in collieries because they can carry heavy weights beyond their own weights. Today they are used in shows and contests as well as mammals. Since miniature horse breeds are raised to look like their big pendants, they are almost as numerous as regular breeds.

As there are full-sized palominoes, Quarterhorses, Thoroughbred, Pintos, Arabians and others, there are also miniature varieties of these breeds. Its small stature is achieved by means of selected cultivation, which should be reduced as much as possible, while preserving the race's dignity. Falabella miniature horse from Argentina was one of the first breeds to be raised into a full-blooded horse's ego.

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