Miniature Horse Care

Horse care miniature

It' important that the owners of miniature horses are thoroughly trained in good basic care and in the special needs of the breed. The use of curry comb, brush and hoof pick is part of the daily routine in the care of a miniature horse. Ask your vet about a suitable feeding program for your horse. Though small, miniatures are robust animals. Horse care: Hoof care is essential for miniature horses.

Is there a way to care for a miniature horse?

The miniature horse is not much different from a horse, but they have different care-guidance. This is a guideline for the care of a miniature horse. A miniature horse is a small but tenacious animal. When you plan to show a miniature horse, they must be kept in a stable in the shed.

With miniature ponies in the shed, make sure you have a good stream of fresh breeze in the shed. As the miniature ponies are nearer to the floor, they are more affected by the airstream than bigger males. When you don't plan to show a miniature horse, you can keep it in a three-part stable on a meadow to protect it from the wind, downpour and sledge.

Cleaning: When you show him as a companion on the field or as a domestic animal, care is important. The use of combs, brushes and hoof-scratches is part of the daily routines in the care of a miniature horse. When you show a miniature, care is indispensable because you need to have it neat and chic when you are in the show ring.

If it comes to vernal, midsummer and autumn, make sure you use insect repellent to keep your horse safe from all kinds of insects and even mice. Blacksmith: It is important that your miniature is seen by a blacksmith. Using any kind of horse that has its hoofs made by a blacksmith at a young age they will get used to having their hoofs done.

Keep a tidy timetable when they need to get their feet done at first is crucial, so you know when they need to get it done. Dental care: As with bigger stallions, the dentition of miniature stallions must be made to ensure that there are no sharp corners or problems in the oral cavity.

It is important to have a timetable of when they need to have their dentures done in order to keep an overview of when they need to be done next, or whether they have any dental problems between appointment. If you are looking for any kind of horse, it is important that your teeths are made at an early stage because you are used to your whitewash.

Food needs: It is important to know what they need when it comes to feeding miniature cattle. Even miniature ponies tend to overheat. Veterinary care: If you have just bought a miniature horse, you must talk to your veterinary surgeon about these important matters. If you are looking after your miniature, make sure you have established these itineraries: you will be able to take care of your miniature:

Vaccination plan - according to what you will do with your miniature horse, e.g. drive, show, etc.

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