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Craigslist miniature horse-drawn carriage

It is a group for mini/pony people who only want to buy and sell cars and wagons. Available in Mini, Pony, Piston and Horse sizes. Various types of horse-drawn carriages, buggies and wagons for sale. I' ve got a good used miniature horse-drawn cart and tableware for sale. I was so happy when I received my G & S Horse Cart from my father because it looked beautiful and matched my miniature horse Sassy.

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Running cart, fits up to 10 h. 4-wheeled wood wagon with foldable cowl, inside covered in genuine cowhide and fenders, feathered leaves and detachable wood sockets. Also with silencer. Waves 4ft long and 1ft 3inches broad full length of the cart from wave to rear 7ft 7inches long.

Perfect for very small ponies or goats. The Shetland trolley, good powerful trolley prepared for the street, tires on the show. Purchased for a midian Shetland who never made it to the stage. A really powerful Shetland two-wheeler needs some TLC, but a beautiful car. Dump truck, in the garage for years, a little rotten.

Trolley for sheep or small Welsh ponies, equipped with detachable stems. Shopping cart not in the scope of delivery. Here you will find a choice of our car drive chisels and attachments. 2-wheeled fun ride car for 9h to 11h. Beautiful lightweight car, good bikes and tires. A lightweight training car for ponies, completely renovated, with swing boom.

to Section A. Nice Shetland wagon for hire, Bellcrown. Hardtland Shetland sports car with pairs of rods and singles. Used with miniature ponies 9. Lightweight, all new 14 " rims and tires. with a Shetland Poney delivery truck. Shetland cart, curry. It is suitable for twin and individual swingarms on variable shaft, including two-bar.

Inside storage, nice and neat and useable. Pony-training cart, with disk breaks, reflex reflector, reins, headrest and 2 lashes. 2-wheeled Shetland training car with horsefly, swing boom, hook on shanks, headrest with conventional reins and lash-hold. A hundred years old, probably a doctor's van.

I could keep any good horse. To sell, real Genuine Custom Flexure I, that is some cars, no cracks in the seats, no cracks in the mudguard, all very, very good tires on them, brandnew tires. Top-notch car that' s only going to be available when I sell my filly. Awesome. 2-wheeled hillsam car, big shetland horse.

Approximately 7 years old, but only used in the first years of his career as a bangs, which became the 4-wheeled. The bangs on the picture are 10.2hh. Sell only when you need room and have no further use for transport. Small barking car used by the former owners for testing indoors and outdoors with an 11 hour barking horse and a couple of Shetlands.

Including mast, shaft and light holder. Rack racing sulphky, here I have a real genuine shelf racing car, everything in good condition. The Cart is prepared to go and the best of this cart fits any horse in every horse-sized. Aussie shelf racing car, fast coupler with Jogwheels. In this car you can run and run.

Race Hartland Shetland Sport with singles. Can be used for individual Shetland, Welsh, 10 to 12hh or with a similar couple of Ponys. Just for selling as now have Mini Shetlands and car is too big. Is a handmade Bow Top gipsy stroller in children sizes, suited for a Shetland or a small herring.

The upper part of the bracket is placed on a shallow trolley. It is 5ft long and 3ft 1in broad. Cushion in Oxford red, horse hairs. The car has won a number of championship events in Stoneleigh, Hickstead, South Eastern, New Forest and many more. District Cart, genuine, with some restoring. It' a beautiful cart, but I don't own a horse and I need the place.

Make your contribution to the enviroment, the car is environmental friend. 4-wheel trolley with brake. Bourgogne with 4 wheels creme, bought but never used, bangs became not available. Fits from Standart Shetland to 12. 2hrs fringe. Even with a rod to ride a couple. Fits 11h to 13h and was used with Shetland and a mule.

Four-wheeled rig from Dartmoor Carriages, extendable back suspension, massive metal spoke-wheeled. Tuxedo up to 12am couple or individually 14 - 14.2pm. Small London car for sal. Practice car. Practice car. from South Bucks, wagons, dishes and other things. An 11-passenger governor's coaches.

This photo shows a 10 year old young man who holds the coach. Practice car, wetsuit 11am to 1pm.

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