Miniature Horse Carts and Harnesses for Sale

Horse-drawn miniature carriages and harnesses for sale

Complete nylon set Driving Cart Harness miniature horse with storage bag. Yes, we love our carriage and we got a big trophy and prize money for it. Visit the Zilco SL Mini Harness page for more information.

Pony Carts For Sale Public Group

He' ll be on Harness fitting and working with minis, ponies, precision harness horses, drafts, multiples and doctrine all of elementary tuition to do enjoyable obstruction time-tied workouts. But if you just want to audition.... that's okay, too. It will be a funny and enjoyable days of class.

When you want to become a competitor but don't have a horse or bangs to ride..... On Saturday night everyone is welcome to a joint supper with Gene.


Most horse riders, whether with their minihorses, pet monkeys or Ponys, would like to take more leisure for open trails if their coach were light, sturdy and suitable not only for light woodland trails but also for impassable terrains. All this is possible with the HyperBike! HyperBike: There are a few things that make the HyperBike a class:

Specifically developed and engineered for miniature. By no means is it a scaled-down form of a bangs or horse-drawn carriage; it was developed to really work with and really appreciate miniature cars, both physical and mental. This HyperBike is only made by Robert Graham Carriage Works in the USA.

Which is a hyper bike? A miniature horse-drawn carriage specially developed for the miniature horse, the ass and the little dock. Lightweight, the hyper bike is the lightweight VSE car available, and it's all about simple speeds for the Minis. Developed in the early 90s, the SuperBike has become an excellent trailer for the last 20 years.

HyperBike's unique shape meets the horse's ergonomics requirements for particular geometries; it is not only very light, robust and accurate in build, it also allows the horse to move more easily and natural, perfect for "speed" competitions and courses. Is the HyperBike designed for you?

In all things, we believe that the horse should come first. It' s from this servantship to horse attitude that his joyful adoption will evoke from us as leaders and partners. We are" All in" in the servantship and dive into the horse and go directly into their heart and heads.

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