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Small horses & pony farms and sales, Small Horse Connect, farm directory attempts for mini horses or ponies in your area. New York miniature farms. It is our goal to offer AMHA/AMHR horses from World and Bundeschampionat bloodlines in show quality. Horse Miniatures for sale, Miniature horses for sale, Miniature horses for sale, Miniature horse farms directory. This is the directory of members for the website.

In 2005 became one of the most sought-after sites on the web for miniature horse sales listing, farm information and advertising for the Miniature Horse.

In 2005 became one of the most sought-after sites on the web for miniature horse sales listing, farm information and advertising for the Miniature Horse. We have been working in the barns on a brandnew website for all our members and website users to take full benefit of the new available to them.

In celebration of the start of our new website, we are giving away free membership and free promotion to all new and old members as a thank you for your help! We apologize for our dusty mess while we clean out the old codes, get some hayhooks and stack the new web site pack.

Stallions and Miniature Stallions Directory

The Colony Miniature Horse is a small business that breeds grafted Arabic AMHA- and AMHR-registeredorses. Our specialty is frames over check minis. There are high class foals and broodmares for purchase, as well as some of them. Greetings and breeders' service are available by arrangement.

4garrett@bellsouth.netOffers a few miniature ponies of high class pedigree from Buckeroo, Orion and more. If you want to show, drive a car or just simply enjoy a minivan, we will do our best to help you! An aristocratic miniature horse is a small farm that breeds high-quality miniature ponies with extraordinary sires.

There are Grand Champion, National Champion and World Champion Miniature Horse. Please browse our website to see the qualities of the animals we raise. All our mini are cultivated for conformity and qualitiy. These are the ones we like and we like to show them! If you need a route description, please mail us.

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When you are new to miniature horse riding, please see our "Care of Minis" page. Here you will find information on the maintenance of your miniature horse with regard to inoculation, deworming and nutrition. Horse register: PintotheHorses Association offers the possibility to register for Pintosiniatures. Included in the World Show are a wide range of miniature horse categories in holsters and perform.

GODGETHANS Training Center à Navasota, Texas chapeau VSE (Very Small Equine) combines de conduite. Merck Vet Manual Horses - A great resource for horse healthcare, managment, nutrition, pedicure, vaccine, etc. Foals - We have been using this BIRTH MOUNITORING SYSTEM since 1990 - Don't loose your valuable miniature colt; we are saving at least one colt per year with this system.

Purina's website contains useful information about the feeding needs of miniature and large breed cattle. Horse Take a look at this horse care book. Horse or horse coat color genetics: Horse and horse product pages: MeEquineSource sales horse Find our sales horse where we make the purchase and sales of a horse simple and pleasant.

MihorseWorld. com is devoted to bring together miniature horse fans from all over the globe. The Horse Show Central Directory - America's most comprehensive horse directory, with information about exhibitions, races and everything to do with them. You can find it here if it concerns a horse in the USA. Themes: Horse, Animal, Pets, Farm Animal and much more Most of our documentation is in Adobe Acrobat Reader file form.

"We at have 20 years of expertise in the Australian and international events market. au together with our unrivalled global contact base will help you find the right horse for you. Das Miniaturpferd. comYour on-line resource to miniature horses: medical themes, brood information, horse article, thumbtack, breeders and more.

Das Your on-line resource for miniature ponies and their information, forthcoming shows, healthcare articles, breeder, bigger marriage directory, classifieds and more. The most extensive and instructive horse site on the web! You can go almost anywhere in the horse kingdom from here!

Texan Horseman's DirectoryThe information resource for all about Texas horse, coaches, stabling, associations and horse work. Horse Interactive, a great site with good equine healthcare related topics. Specialized in trolleys and tableware for all races. The Jerald Sulky Company Jerald Horse Vehicles, 100 years of experience in manufacturing and repair.

Our horse magazine Classy Australien site! Estates Horse Supply online catalog quality horse delivers since 1986, specialized in carriages and harnesses (Jerald Miniature Horse Cars, Pony Cars, Show Horse Vehicles, Racing Sulkies) Worldwide Shipping. The Jerald Sulky Company Jerald Horse Vehicle for all races--pleasure, Roadster & Viceroys, all options & accessories.

Insurance for miniature horses or horses: We have worked with them for over 15 years in the miniature horse industry. We offer tranquillity, the best mortality, great medical, surgical, loss of use and farm coverage.

Horse miniature or horse transport company: We have been using Cox Equine Transport for over ten years. Horse's going and coming as planned! Bi-weekly flights from Texas bases (Mid Country) to Midwest, Northeast, Kentucky, Florida and California. The five state-of-the-art facilities offer an economical and reliable coastal -to-coast transport services and links with connected transport to remote locations for efficient national horse transport.

Horse Interactive, a great site with good equine healthcare related topics. check out....these miniature horse locations! Manstletoe Farm- is a miniature horse farm that breeds and sells the miniature horses and miniature horses in South Carolina, with placements in AMHA, AMHR and TCMHR, while seeking excellence in character, exterior, colour, finesse and spirit of the small miniature horse.

Thumbnail Horse Farms Directory - Directory, Mini-News, Sale, Miniature Horse Farms, Miniature Horse Farms and more. It is our conviction that elegance is more than just the exterior. HCM War Paint's Hi-Tech Home of Howling Hills Farm Miniature Horses. The Wisteria Miniature Horse Ranch in Opelousas, Louisiana.

With Horsepower Graphics! and Web Publishing, you get a competent, inexpensive place to create and manage your website. The Cowboy" Association - A top farm with top blood lines! MILSTONE Miniature Horse Farm, a leading horse grower of miniature Arab horses! Estates Horse Supply Online catalog quality horse delivers since 1986, specialized in carriages and tableware.

Miniature Jerald Horse Vehicles - Pleasure, Roadster & Viceroys, all options & accessories. The Jerald Sulky Company Jerald Miniature Horse Vehicles--Pleasure, Roadster & Viceroy Wagen, alle Optionen & Zubehör. Herrmann Homestead miniature horses, miniature donkeys and miniature zebu. "JFF Miniature Horses "Just For Fun Miniature Horses! "Equitot Oregon's Classic Miniature Horse Farm, something for the whole team!

Miniature Baer Creek Mini Farm horses, bred with love! High-value accessories for your miniature horse and Shetland pony. Ozark Mountain tack's Ozark Mountain stacker in Canada, providing you with all your Ozark Mountain favourites at Ozark Mountain in Canada at a single destination. Show First Choice Halter Nice Halter for miniature and large breed.

Since 1986, specialized in trolleys, harnesses, driving chisels, filly control sys-tems. The complete range of Heaven-On-Earth miniature horses, accessories and outfit. The Jerald Sulky Company 100 years of quality and handcrafts! Miniature Jerald Horse Vehicles - Pleasure, Roadster & Viceroys, all options & accessories.

The Ozark Mountain Miniature Pack & Supplies Everything from one hand. Manufactured in the USA - outstanding workmanship at reasonable costs. The Supreme Equine Design is your top resource for all miniature horse tacks, accessories and outfit. ExpressWorld miniature horse gear. This is a great resource for horse show needs: stable curtains, clothing, show prizes, etc.

She is NSRanch Lisa and Gary Barnes - Achievement and holster specialist western of Ft. Worth, TX, 16 years of experience in the training of miniature horses. Arizona, Inc. Miniature Horse Association. YOU WILL FIND A MINIATURE HORSE CLUB NEAR YOU WITH THESE DIRECTORIES: HCM X-Caliber's High Gear, known as "Higgins" Tourmaline Miniature Horse Stud Ken & Lesley Cornford the proud owner of Tourmaline Stud .our present site is situated in Bourpengary just south of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Our backdrop is the breed & exhibition of Arabs, this gives us a profound understanding of the exterior of HCM X-Caliber's High Gear, not Ponys which we use in our breed of miniature Arab cattle.

Consciously we have decided on a small farm to ensure that all our ponies receive enough individuality. All our ponies are reared and groomed in a selective manner, each under 34". Great Britain and America blood lines. We wish you a lot of fun while visiting the BMHS page.

DEFRA recognises the Miniature Horse Association as the parent and stud book in the UK. Minidaclub - Europe European Miniature Horse Clubs website with calendars, memberships, training, show results and more - Europe. Information about miniature horses in Dansk, German, English, Francais and Nederlands.

More miniature horse themes! L'il Beginnings Miniature Horse Complete international online miniature horse guides, includes Breeders Connect, auction, forum, info, sales, promotions & much more! MiniaturesFor miniature horse etc. for sell "For U". Swarovski Equine Appraisals "Certified Equine Appraisals of miniatures, show ponies and saddle-backs. Quickly find Great Big Horse Breed Sites!

ForFarmers. com is a market place for the purchase and sale of horse, quarters horse, miniature, color, Morgan horse, whole blood, Tennessee Nordic Horse, appealoosa, Missouri foxtrot, Andalusia, Frisian, Perúvian Paso, Paso Fino, Pinto, Bashkir Courly, American Saddle Breds, Canadian, Clydesdale and a broad array of employment options°. This is the most instructive horse resource on the Internet!

It will connect you to every possible horse site on the web! Equine genomics tests at the University of California, Davis, USA, include Color Coat Genetics by Ann T. Bowling, PhD. Our horse magazine Classy Australien site! Experience Horse Quest com - the comprehensive horse web resource that provides spectators with horse riding resource for all their needs.

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