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Out mini-horse and Shetland pony, as well as related companies, farm directory. The Pine Ridge Farm is specialized in miniature horses in Arabic style. Catering for horses of all sizes. Frisian horses If you are a horse breeder or stud, enter your data in our directory. Grower of quality AMHA/AMHR miniature horses.

Our miniature ponies are AMHA-registered.

Our miniature ponies are AMHA-registered. We' also have some AMHR miniature ponies. Los Arboles American Idol is the latest miniature horse of First Knights Billy Idol. For 2010 we will carry some miniature stallions of this great sire.

There are 5 more miniature horse studs and idol to choose from. In March 2010 we will begin with the foal of our miniature ponies. There are different age groups of miniature ponies for sal. Some of the new colts can be seen on the sales pages.

Also we have weaners, annuals and broodmares for sal. A former Bar B King Buckeroo stallion was from Buckeroo and a Buckeroo-subsidiary. So, he was a Buckeroo kid. Please do not hesitate to ask us any question or simply speak to us.


For almost 40 years LKF has been raising and showing miniature ponies and small Shetland ponies! In 1976 Marianne Eberth purchased a domestic animal for her kids. In the 1980s and 1990s, the business expanded at a rapid pace and produced several syndicate championship mares and managed stoves for breeders with over 500 ponies on the yard.

So if you want to race and race in this development of the miniature horse business that is taking place around the world, we recommend you take a look at our "Next Generation of Buckeroo" and include them in your programme. Click through our website - there are several slide shows of renowned LKFs!

Would you like to know more about our horse and our service?


We had to learn a lot again when we chose to raise this exceptional horse race, despite our horse skills! Although we could assess the standard of a "selle français" or an "Anglo-Arab" horse, it was very hard for us to find out when we were interested in this AMHA (Amercian Miniature Horse Association) race, really good and poor standards for these smallsters.

It is harder to capture and comprehend the standard for minihorses. Only educational travels of the race to the United States and a number of farm tours could we be sure that we made the right choices for our cattery.

Over the years we have established a relationship of confidence and fellowship with the best breeders in America. This relationship has allowed us to attract the manufacturers we wanted to build the foundation for our breed-programme. We' d like to exchange our experiences with amateur riders to help them prevent the traps and disappointments of the first horse purchases.

We' re glad to coachen them in the selection that best suits their wishes: breed or show horse or domestic animal horse to see these pristine marvels of the horse and to experience with them, which can be so beautiful if they are selected correctly! Heytime ar Modello, a time we like very much.....

While all breeders claim to have outstanding blood lines, what is important is to know the degree of thinning. In Modello we have a Buckeroo and daughter's boy. We also have a daughter and daughter of Champion Farms Nighthawk. And not to forget the blood lines of Alamos Impressive Streaker or Reflections or even Top Banana or Patton, all of which have an exact purpose to be part of our very rigorous line.

We currently have 120 amahorses, including 28 brood mares and 8 colts, the others are biennial or one-year-oldsters. Isengrin, the best horse lover..... We' re focusing on the best of the race. Some pets have to be summerptuous for the easy explanation that looking after a nice horse is a singular festivity!

Welcome to our horse farm for long and shortterm catering. We are also a centre for show jumping schooling. They are trained and presented in exhibitions..... There were Supreme Champion or Reserve Champion in each of them..... Not to mention the many equestrian awards "Première place" and "Grand Champion" that we have introduced to our customers.

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