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Registered miniature horses are bred in the South Cariboo region of British Columbia. On a regular basis we have registered Minis AMHA, AMHR, FBR, for sale. Classifieds for free, buy and sell in Cowichan, BC. You can find miniature horse ads in our category Horses & Ponies from Victoria. Kutschenhaus Miniature Horse Tack & Harness Horses.

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Receive a warning with the latest advertisements for "Mini Horse" in British Columbia. She is 1 year old and has a 30. "5 "5" large currently has a very playing side to him! Likes to be with humans and to be loving other pets like ewes, oxen and cats?

Wants 4 years old, very cute and lovingly 46" big bred dog and would be an outstanding horsewoman! Health and well with other ponies $600 Can be a good companion to your horse $600.... Gestüt Cupcake 5 years old, 44" bob horse Two big-eyed! Very cozy and loved humans would love a great horseback ride or ride ponies well with other horse sounds and wholesome $650 silvery crickets....

5 years old Wilbur, Leberkastanie, 35" small colt Becomes friendlier and starts to like folks, would make a great show horse or showini! Health and well-being with otherorses! 7-year-old Nora, dark-haired 38 " big love the feed! Enjoys other ponies and other pets flash and correctly would be an exquisite complement to a lovely Silver Creek Lachs lovable silver crick sage charm $700....

Sydney 6 years old, tiny dam stallion and a little bit bashful lick man, but taking herself free moment to reheat would be best with a loved one or as a pet Loved ponies and pets Easy going in a group music? 1 year old, 29th year old opal, small fillies. "5 "5" big currently sweets and always quite kind sounds and fit would be a great showgirl!

Loved other ponies and has had a difficult beginning in your being? It' got a shed, a store, a barnyard and a henhouse, which makes it easy for you to have a mini-farm. us is a five-year-old non-registered small gelding. No. It is a very striking check and is 35 inch high.

Graduated from Oklahoma State Horse Shopping in 2004. racehorses, ranch/rodeo, designs, stallion foals, miniature stallions, etc. The Babe is a 2008 pure-breeded 15 hh 1/4 horse filly, very good exterior and temper, gets along well in a flock, very light to keep, easily to capture, solid, no trucks, weights and Hols..... $600 - Must have.

Here is a marvellous offer for a doubly enrolled nice and kind mini- loving children! Sox is a 4 months old, really cute product. It will make a nice domestic dog or cat for a horse, cow or pig, because a goat eats all weed and cannot scrub these cats.

Super black/pink handkerchief ski rugize 72 $40 handkerchief noize would say mid (fit my 15-hour quater horse) $20 weather rainbowize 74/75 $40 super blue/grey rainbowize 72 $40 minisize snow.....

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