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Main page " Miniature horse clothing. " MINIATURE " Horse holder The " mini " horse halter is manufactured from high-quality material: Our company specialises in the transport of articles for the miniature horse, the pony or the draught horse and articles related to the driving of carriages. In our category horses & ponies from the region Sydney, NSW, you will find miniature horse advertisements. If you are looking for a horse smaller than the standard size, we have compiled a large number of offers for miniature horses in our classifieds!


We welcome you to the thrilling excitement of the American miniature horse. American Miniature Horse Association encourages the cultivation, use and maintenance of a level of horse performance peak in the field of miniature horse production. You now have another way to experience your miniature horse calendar. Interested in finding out more about the ownership of a miniature horse?

Free entry to see some of the smallest horses participating in the world's most renowned miniature horse show.

Fancy Jack Small Skirt

Furthermore, I will be adding description and pictures of all articles I offer at Mini Bling. Handcrafted, blind and high qualitiy Velcro fasteners for your favourite horse friends, mostly for miniature and thoroughbred males. The selection is restricted only by the unavailability of material in the desired style(s) and/or colour(s).

When you don't see something you like, please feel free to ask me for personalized products in your favourite colours, depending on your budgets and dimensions. Whether it's a memorable occasion, a vacation paradise or a commercial shooting, an inventive mini-bling presentation kit will complement your horse and make it stand out!

High quality show noseband, available in both ivory and ivory, with many colours of pearls to choice and golden or silvery highlights.

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Mähne im Himmel is a 501c3 charity offering miniature therapeutic horse trips for the needy throughout the Chicagoland area. You have many different kinds of stuffed toys to feed and cherish, but you also have several different models of footwear that we like. This is because mini therapeutic horseshoes or trainers are worn during their outings!

Teddy Mountain footwear is enchanting AND it also helps the horse to walk on sliding floors indoors while attending hospitals, care centres, handicapped houses, etc. PetJoy WireDog therapeutic waistcoats are worn by our miniature therapeutic horse every year. They look very professionally and do not interfere with stroking or interaction with our miniature therapeutic workhorses.

The waistcoats were individually designed with Shades of blue stitching, the Pet Partners pattern (which we are proud to carry as a proud member of the team) and of course the therapeutic horseatches.

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