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We' ve got a range of horses and ponies for sale. Click on the pictures to get to the page of the horse. Whole Blood, Arabian, Irish Draught horses and many more. Assortment for sale. Miniature Little America horses, Buda, TX.

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Purchased from a miniature horse farm, importing USA blood lines... No, not Sheetland, real miniature horse. Pino/Apallosa 7 years 34" miniature stallion, Grandchester Views Kevin is a champagner Gelding. It is not permanently recorded with AMR and Dilutes Australia. He' s Hendra, he' s strangled and he' s been inoculated. He' registred with AMR and Dilutes Australia as a charity.

Easily to be shampooed, cling, carpets, legs, swimmers. He' s Hendra and he' s strangled. Milos Vintage Champaign is a champagnerwallach, which was borne on 29.9.2015. He' d be good with horse-experienced humans over 16. However, it is easily to wash, to shorten, to cuddle, to work with the legs and to hover well.

He' re a Dilutes Australia and AMR agent. He' s Hendra and he' s strangled. It guides, binds, is easily washable, is good for carpets, has been cut, has made his toes. He' s had 2 of the 3 Hendra shots and he' s NOT an appaloosa, the stains are the color he will have everywhere if he lets his wax.

It' soaring. He' registred with AMR and Dilutes Australia as a charity. He' fully clocked nearly 3 years of old, well beloved .selling because of agitation abroad... Got a lot of beloved miniature ponies to work with. Five hundred bucks a stallion two is all that's remaining. A horse is a tobacco pinto that has one black and one black eyes.

falabela hors for sales

We have beautiful Falabella ponies and colts for purchase, so if you want to buy a horse, you've come to the right place. Our horse is well cared for and loved - we are passionate about our pets and strive to keep them the way they should be treated.

Many years of breeding experiences with these animals on our yard make us an expert in this area. Our team is proud of the fact that our stallions are in very good shape, as we give them a lot of care. Available in various colors, from a dark horsewood to dabbed or simple/blue.

Smart, easy to train and soft, Falabella is a great companion for any horse owner and sire. It is a great companion and can reach 45 years of age, which is particularly long for a horse. They can be used for show jumps or training, but can also be used by small kids. Typical up to 32 inch high, they belong to the smallest ponies in the whole wide range.

They can be up to 12 inch small as a foal, which is why they are also known as miniature cats. Because of their greatness, they are only used by very young kids, and thanks to their soft and faithful temperaments, they are the ideal horse for the young. It is much less frightening than a full-size horse when it is your child's first or second jump.

Although your children are adults and even if they are not interested in horse back rides, they will have a nice relation with these animals, so we suggest that you invest in them. The Falabella ponies are sold only to prospective buyers looking for a new mate.

Please come to our courtyard and get to know our beautiful ponies so that you can make the right decision. Predictive tests confirm only the lineage and NOT the Falabella breed. Regist 1PThe Premier Registre Of Falabella Miniature Horse - The horse must be genetic material from both parent and bloodline that can be proved to originate only from Argentina.

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