Miniature Horse Ranch

Horse Miniature Ranch

The Quicksilver Miniature Horse Ranch, Solvang, California. The ranch. Horses eat in the pasture. That ranch is for sale, so they may not be around much longer. They' ve got miniature horses to look at.

AMAH/ AMHR breeder of quality miniature horses.

Miniature Quick Silver Horse Ranch

The Quicksilver Ranch is situated in the lovely Santa Ynez Valley, just 30 leagues northern of Santa Barbara, between Solvang and Ballard, California. There are no stables to pet or ride in the car, but you can be up there with the miniature horse. Santa Ynez Valley has long been the Kentucky of the Northwest.

One of the best thoroughbreds (and also miniatures!) come from this area. units.speed+' '+weather.currently+' '; html += '; $("#weather").html(html); }, error: function(error) {$("#weather").html(' '+error+' ');}

Little America Miniature Horse Ranch

Little America is situated in the center of Texas on almost 200 hectares of gentle hilly terrain on the east side of the famous Texas Hill Country and is a miniature family-run horse ranching area. We' re eighteen leagues from the capital Austin and less than an hours northern of the lovely San Antonio Alamo riverbank.

Situated only three leagues west of Interstate 35, we welcome guests by arrangement. In 1995 we acquired our present site and it had "come home" to Carol because her home was about sixteen leagues away from San Marcos. Formerly a dairying business, it was rebuilt into a Quarter Horse Ranch when we acquired it.

We' ve adjusted the available equipment to accommodate our expanding flock of thumbnails, which currently has the nation's biggest flock of the smallest thumbnails with over eighty heads 30" and below. From coastline to coastline we have clients from Russia, France, Mexico, Belgium, Scotland, Canada and Australia, to name but a few.

Many years of miniature design expertise have proved to be an advantage for our clients. We' re telling them that our expertise is theirs when they ask 24/7, and we often keep that pledge, be it a horse that is colickey, has a foal issue or a feed or workout issue.

You will become part of the Little America product line. They are astonished when they come to see us and take a trip through our many meadows, when Tony not only knows each of the names of the animals, but can usually literally cite their backgrounds and ancestry. He is Wikipedia for Thumbnails!

When you are in the center of Texas, schedule a tour or better yet, schedule a journey to choose some of our beautiful thumbnails.

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