Miniature Horse Rescue California

California Miniature Horse Rescue

Saving Miranda's life for large and small animals. As a rule, our rescued horses require extensive care. We' ve got everything from the smallest miniature horse to the biggest draught horse. Saving and sanctuary for miniature horses. Fiesta Island celebrated the Minis of Southern California last Sunday - Miniature Horses!

Miniature horses for adoption in Brentwood " CBS San Francisco

frentowood (kpix 5) - Scores of saved miniature ponies have come to the bay area from northern california and many of them need a new home. Angles for Minis, a Brentwood-based horse grooming and rescue centre, has been given 47 Redding region ponies, all from one owners. "There was a lady who had over two hundred ponies and gave us 47 because she just can't take charge of everyone," said Bob Beck, co-founder of Minis, KPIX 5.

Most of them are disposed of or handed over by Pet Proprietors who are not able to afford their maintenance. A cofounder of Angels for Minis, Mary Stewart said they have about 35 more ponies to accommodate in new shelters. We will vaccinate all saved pets, care for their hoofs and give them a dip.

University of California Davis Veterinary School will also be examining the horse this week-end. If you would like to adopt a miniature horse, you can find out more at

Sun Cal Mini Horse Sanctuary

Cal Mini Horse Sanctuary, Inc. saves, redeems and redresses abandoned and misused miniature cattle. With the aim of giving them a new, conscientious, caring and lifelong home, we are striving for security, grooming and shelter. In order to make our organisation better known and to socialise the horse, we take part in performances through processions, adoptions and horse shows.

Our door is also open to our guests, voluntary and prospective adoptive parents, hoping to find a caring home for some of our cats. You' ll learnt to rely on humans and become beautiful steeds willing to be adopted. It is our decision not to rehabilitate a horse until it has fully recuperated from its trauma.

To socialize and care for them to make sure they have all the necessary equipment to move to a new home before they are given up for adoption. What's more, we need to make sure they have all the necessary skills to make the move. This helps to keep the horse and its new family together happily. Cal Mini has always pursued the aim of a lifelong, affectionate home for ours.

When we rescue the horse from the killing games, the breeder, auction and the owners start the rehabilitation and rehabilitation process all over again. There are very able and dedicated members of the executive committee and voluntary workers who are dedicated to this cause, helping to educate and socialise the saved children in the hope that one of these will be adopted one of these days.

For example, Cal Mini uses online communities, web sites and blog posts to announce adoption. The marvellous tales and travels of our ponies are shared, starting with their rescue and ending with their reintegration. We measure our progression by the mini's that are transformated and kept available for their new home. Cal Mini has achieved a great deal since we received our 501(c)3 non-profit state.

Rescuing over 140 miniature ponies is something of which we are very proud. Also the return of 104 (from 2017) ponies is something we consider remarkable. We' re still saving and rehabilitating and celebrating everyoption. While we try to find a family for each horse, this can take many month or even years, we will not accept a child who is not willing to do so.

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