Miniature Horse Rescue Texas

Texas Miniature Horse Rescue

To ensure that the perfect horse fits your lifestyle, your home and your heart, we believe in an honest assessment. Hitchcock, Texas. Site Map - Privacy Policy - About Our Ads - Shelter & Rescue Login - Shelter & Rescue Registration. The Equine Rehabilitation of Central Texas - habitat for horses. She' s rescued from a home in Mississippi and now in East Texas.

It is our aim to save maltreated, abandoned or needy animals.

It is our aim to save maltreated, abandoned or needy animals. We' re working to make these saved animals healthy again and to give them a caring home. A horse cannot be adopted in some cases due to old age or disability. The volunteer community is the mainstay of this organisation.

Becky's Hope Horse Rescue - That makes the big deal!

Becky's Hope Horse Rescue (BHHR), a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization devoted to the rescue, recovery and rehablitation of misused, lost and deserted ponies and livestock, was established in 1997 in Marlin, Texas and is named after our first horse saved. Rescue was postponed to 120 hectares in Frisco, Texas, in March 2014.

Becky's Hope is a purely voluntary organisation, which is financed solely by tax-deductible contributions and each contribution is used solely for the caring and upkeep of the pets. It is our commitment to give the lives we loved the lives they have to. In July 2016 we forgot the horse that transformed our planet.

Beggars are dead, and Becky is buried in the midst of those who loved her. She' s in charge of rescuing a hundred mares. Becky hoped for almost 20 years that all our ponies would find a secure and caring home. Take a few moments to fall in touch with those in your lifetime who fill your heart with joy and lovemind.

The Meadow Haven Horse Rescue

Help Support Meadow Haven! We are committed to providing protection, rehab and a durable, caring home for undesirable, misused, old or wounded horse and donkey. A number of our stallions can be used in our horsesemanship programme, others become pensioned guides, trails or are re-educated for newcareer.

We never send a horse for sale or butchering. When you are considering to donate a horse or ass, please click on the following links to learn about our donors. Your horse's contribution is one of the few ways to know that you have done the best for your horse or mule.

Always need contributions! The money you donate goes directly to our base cost for food, veterinary surgeon and blacksmith. And if you like, we also welcome presents of food, straw, halter, blanket, bridle, etc. The Shrine is run exclusively by donors and we are not financed in any way by the state.

We will donate directly to the horse!

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