Miniature Horse Rugs

Horse blankets miniature

There are a range of horse blankets especially for your miniature horse or small pony. HORSE MINIATURE & PONY-PRODUCT Atorses Warehouse we own and comprehend minis. That is why it is our pleasure to help you with yours. Cuticle nippers 8" Nail pliers 8" More..

... Long Puring Set. Long Puring Set. 30" show chain with snap - 30" show chain with snap - 30" more..... Nape perspiration 10 "apex perspiration 10 "apex perspiration 2 "apex perspiration 2 "apex perspiration 3" apex perspiration 3" more.....

Horse turnout carpets minis

When your desired color or color is not mentioned, please send me an e-mail to find out if I have it or if I can make it for you. Then, take measurements from the bottom of the throat to the tip of the tip of the dick. So you have a really good fitting for your miniature horse.

Carpets up to 4' with dart at the fuselage, loop. Carpets over 4'3" dart on body, legs loop, cock protection. NON INCLUSIVE SEMICOVER, 4'6'', 4'9'' & 5' These carpets are produced upon receipt of order, so please be tolerant during this bustling year. I' ll do my best to bring you the carpets as soon as possible.

Select the next larger carpet from the table above, fill in the following sheet with your pony/foal dimensions and specify a different color if you like. All carpets and blankets are included in this offer. The prices are per carpet of the same sizes. If you want to have your carpet made to order, please use ONLY this contact sheet, there is a fee for this carpet making process, which you must purchase once you have selected and purchased the carpet of the same or next sizes up to the desired one.

Kindly notice that the colors shown here may differ from those of the neckline wool, plaits and linings, please ask if you would like a special coloring.

Rugged 1 600D Waterproof Poly-Miniature Turnout Ceiling

I like the Tough1 rugs for my big horse. We' ve got a bunch of mini, but we've never had any that need a rug for the cold season. They' re like wooly moths in cold weather. He did a goodjob to regrow the fur, but he still hasn't got anywhere near the fur of the other mini, and when the temperature in North Orio fell into the individual figures, it was evident that he needed a little more help.

It was a pleasant surprise to see that this small rug is as light as my large horse comforter. All too often, savings are made on miniature horse articles. It has beautiful weighty front clasps, a thick waist belt and then the legs belts are weight-elastic.

It was unbelievable that he had put on his ceiling about 20 minutes after we had received it. I' m in no doubt that it will last as long as the 84" ceiling I use for my QH.

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