Miniature Horse Saddle Blanket

Horse Saddle Blanket Miniature

A mini horse saddle pad allows you and your Mini to spend an even more enjoyable afternoon riding. You can use this blanket on your mini or on your walls. Though-1 Miniature Horse Western Saddle Pad opens a dialogue that shows more pictures for this item with the possibility to enlarge or reduce. It is our goal to show you exact information about our products. Featuring a vintage south-west design, the Tough-1 Miniature Horse Western Saddle Pad has a bottom side for a little more comfortable for your miniature horse.

JT International has been offering its equestrians top class horse gear for over 35 years, engineered to maximise the driving pleasure. Featuring over 1,100 different product models, they provide drivers around the globe with new and proven favourites. JT International has taken care of every driver and his mounting from the turning point to the practice material.

Navajo Tahoe Tack Mini Size 19x19" Pressure Hand Woven Acrylic Saddle Blue

LARGE - this saddle blanket is 19" x 19". HIGH QUALITY NEAVAJO high quality neavajo - this saddle blanket is designed according to a classic neavajo design and blanket style common in the west of the United States. Because of the way the products are made by hands, there may be minor variations for each one.

ONLY HANDWASH AND DRY - to keep this item in the best possible conditions, only handwashing and hanging dryers are required. viarious color openings - these funny sample covers are available in several different colours. You can make your own little dress as classy as the big guys - for half the price of this nice blanket!

You can use this blanket on your skirt or on your wall. Ideal for miniature horse riding in the sizes of 19" x 19"! It is known for being a high class Navajo blanket. The blanket is made of sturdy and long-lasting acrylics, hand-woven by experienced craftsmen. In order to keep this lotion in good condition and flexibility, it only needs to be washed and dried by hands.

We have a thirty day deadline to send your parcel back. Within this timeframe you may send back any non-defective, non-used items with tagging for a full refund. Please contact us for a full refund. Purchasers are responsible for paying the cost of returning the goods if problems arise, such as if you want a different colour/size, change your opinion about the order, order the incorrect products, etc.

In such cases we do not assume any costs for returns. If there is a problem with your order, such as getting the incorrect colour/size/type of product, we will take care of the returns at our sole option, as well as the costs of sending the product to you in order to get the right one if you wish to do so.

Sattel and most other saddle refunds are not possible after the thirty-day deadline. We may, at our sole option, allow selected returned goods or conversions after this date, subject to a 20% restocking charge. When you want to trade a purchased article for a different colour, resize or look, you can do so at your own expense by purchasing shipment to refund the purchase price of the original article you wish to trade.

As soon as we have recieved your converted article and checked that it has not been used, we will ship your converted article at the buyer's expense. Each of our saddles is entitled to be surrendered within thirty working days of receipt of your article, subject to a 20% restocking surcharge.

We do not accept used seats. Should it turn out that your saddle is being used for the purpose of returning it (e.g. horse hair on the bottom, saddle soiled, etc.), your saddle will not be used. Then your option is either to make payment for the saddle's restitution to you, collect the saddle from our storage facility or lose the saddle's restitution and your reimbursement.

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Guarantee extends only to the principal part of the unit and not to interchangeable belts, snap fasteners, hook and loop fasteners or other accessory that can be bought seperately. Guarantees are only given for the period indicated, with the date of sale being a starting date. You will be instructed to fill out a contact sheet with your information on products and purchases.

When you complete this procedure, the guarantee return/replacement procedure will be significantly accelerated later, if necessary, so we recommend all purchasers to take this additional action. We offer our restricted guarantees on our goods only for workmanship errors. All damages to goods due to misuse, ordinary deterioration or accident are not insured.

Exchangeable parts such as accessories, belts, snap buckles and hook and loop fasteners are excluded from the guarantee and spare parts can be obtained from us instead. Most of our product are not fully guaranteed due to the way they are used: product intended for use with horse and other farm equipment is often subject to a very high level of risks of damage caused by the horse.

Insignificant damage* is to be anticipated in most cases, as the horse rubs the blanket against the fence, chews haybags and attaches paws, etc. Every case of guarantee will be examined separately and we will determine on a case-by-case base what is the best course of proceeding.

In order to obtain a refund for a faulty unit that is under guarantee, you must complete the following steps: When you are a locally based client, you can call us and request that the faulty article be brought to our head office and inspected by one of our tackle team. Thoroughly inspect the article and ascertain whether the article has manufacturer's defects/quality problems or whether the defect is due to accidents, misuse or abnormal use.

Up to $20 if the damaged parts are minor* and suitable for service. voucher will be issued to the client to meet the cost of repairs to the article and the guarantee will then expire for the life of the guarantee for that article.

Should our tackle specialists find that the article in issue is not within the scope of the guarantee, they have the right to reject the repairs or replacements. In the event that the product is found to fall under our guarantee, a substitute or appropriate remedy will be made. Coupon 00 Coupon for small repairs, allow a substitute (either fully or partly cover by us) or reject the guarantee entitlement.

They are often regarded by the horse as a toy as soon as they are empty and are masticated, groped or otherwise harmed in the case of items that hold grass, such as e.g. haybags, netting or bales of grass. In order to see these figures throughout the guarantee term, see our table below.

Any replacements will be sent at the customer's cost and the cost of delivery must be payed before the article is mailed. When a client provides us with a repair able article, the article will be fixed and then returned to the client at the client's cost.

Customers can pick up all guarantee articles free of charge at our preferred storage area. Seller or retail dealer from whom you initially acquired your limited guarantee item is not responsible for guarantee problems and cannot be made responsible for guarantee problems or replacement. May provide guarantee replacement, refund or exchange.

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