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Horse show car miniature for sale

Miniature Deluxe Horse Show Cart. Obtain the latest information about new products and upcoming sales. Easy to Get Started E-Z Burgundy Steel Metal Miniature Horse Small Pony Horse Show Cart. Drag stops, large wooden wheels for stability. The Amish make these beautiful carts, the craftsmanship and finish are truly beautiful.

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I' ve chosen to resell my Orginal Jerald open wheels car (I am quite sure that 49" waves will be measured). It' s in "immaculate" shape and I personally...a perfect shape with a wing backseat, car and bike cover and spanner - was stowed away inside. I' m also sellin' my wooden workout wagon. There are also 2 small leathers show dishes and several working dishes and some dish clamps and ends - also have hardware to make wheels and wavelets.

I can even offer my LaSalle bespoke B-sized leathers minimal trainer at the right value - I used it for B-size miniatures I said I would never part with!

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The Amish make these wonderful carts, the workmanship and the finishing are truly wonderful. Graber showcars are handcrafted, pinstripes included. All cars are sold with other option such as car cover and dashboard are available. Trolleys are equipped with dual chrome-plated castors, and wood castors are available at additional charge, either pickled or lacquered to suit your trolley.

The cars are made to measure and take about eight week (longer in the show season) to land on your front door. Give us a call and talk about your needs, once we know the horse's height, we can help you make all the decisions you need to make the right wagon for you! The cost of postage and handling is not covered by the basket fee, but we will take care of ALL your postage needs.

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The Estate Show Kart costs $160.00 in the United States. The car is very well tuned and quiet to drive. Equipped with a half elliptical hanging system and an adaptable seating. Includes 49 ", 52" or 54" waves, 20" or 24" spoked wires, crushed satin trim, pickled ankle cup with patented boots, single tree, pickled and striated or colored and striated.

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