Miniature Horse show Harness

Harness miniature

Mini Show Harness, Show Harness, Entry Level Show Harness, brown Show Harness, Miniature Harness, Horse harness. These fantastic black leather show harnesses for beginners will look beautiful on any horse. Harness miniature They are deactivated. To be able to buy in this webshop, you must have activated them. You can find information on how to activate a cookie in the help of your webrowser.

As soon as you have activated the cookie, please update the page. Made USA Miniature Regular Show or Work Harness A Size or B. This is a top grade entry-level show harness.

With single-coloured bows and caveons (in the picture), shallow strokes with sewn-in handle and pink strap, clasp in shallow tracks, incl. Martingal with overcheck or sidecheck.

Our VSE Show Harness features: chip>

With many of the characteristics of the comfortable fitting harness, this harness has all the comforts of an all-purpose harness as well as the sophistication that is perfect for a show. The VSE Show Harness is characterized by: carefree "synthetic lining". Side and string inspection options can be added on demand.

Neckbelts and hipbelts are 5/817wide. They are 5/8 ? colored and have a dark color. Size for mini-horses, donkeys/mules and small ponies. This harness is made to order.

Show Harness Super Deluxe Miniature

This superbly luxurious roll-up show harness with twin edging on the blinkers and chest neck is a great option for the serious exhibition. These blinkers are available in either round or rectangular design. Includes the following; string side plaid, genuine tartan, martingale, all roll and sewn drive line two-tone, roll in and sewn tracks, edging on nut, twin edging on blinkers and chest cuffs.

You can choose between golden, silvery or dark pipings on the seat, chest collars, blinkers, blinkers, headband, and the Caveson clasp has a pearl of genuine cowhide, and that's a convenience function. The harness has many patents; saddles, chest collars and blinkers. These show harnesses are delivered with wrapping strap or French Tugs.

These harnesses are all doubly sewn, made of fine British genuine leathers and are wonderfully handmade! Here are pictures of the Super Deluxe Miniature Show Harness with the twice round blinkers.

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