Miniature Horse Stable

The Miniature Horse Stable

Find more ideas about stables, mini stables and mini horses. They are very robust, but they thrive when they stand on a pasture or a large farm, have a good stable, lots of sunshine and a foal and miniature stable blanket. These miniature horse stables are so cute! The perfect blanket to protect your miniature horse. There is a wide range of mini switches, mini stable blankets, mini fly sheets and mini fly masks.

Building a Miniature Horse Barn Kids

As with other ponies, miniature ponies are provided with stables that allow them to see their pastures or paddocks. Although many of the maintenance for miniature ponies is the same as for their bigger brothers, there is a lot of design to be done when building their stables - normal sized stables are just too big.

When designing the shed for your miniature horse it depends on the horse's age. The stables are large and well aired and allow the horse to see its pastures. In fact, a miniature horse in a large horse park can get too much airing, so it gets too lightly chilly and certainly can't see over the same doorways and crevices that the horse can see over.

If you are a lucky and healthful miniature horse, you will need much less room than a normal horse. There are different views, but about 8 x 8 to 10 x 10 ft is large enough for a miniature horse to move around in comfort, but not too large to be vulnerable to draughts and coldness in the sheds.

Full hight of a regular stable is also not necessary - 6 ft is a reasonable heigth. Your horse will feel good and you will have room to get in and clear it. If you are looking for more than one horse, just attach an extra 8 to 10 ft to one of the sides, although studs should not be kept right next to broodmares when they are pubescent as they can try to interfere through the barriers that separates them.

When closing the stable, use a gate that is only as high as the horse's back so that it can look out. Construct a stable, flat base with 2 x 6 base beams pinned to embedded and levelled cement stones, and then finish the base columns with 2 x 6 base beams at 16 inch intervals.

For a stable, firm base, use at least 3/4 inch thick wood sheet. Attach 2 x 4 brackets, 4 to 6 ft high, also 16 inch apart, to the ground. Either allow room for barn door in the front panel, or keep the whole front of the pattern open and subsequently include goals, especially in hotter climate zones.

The ventilation is very important, so allow slits for the window and surround them with appropriate brackets. Build a sloping top that promotes rain water discharge by constructing uprights or using the front panel higher than the rear panel and sloping uprights. Lastly, to ensure that there are no rooms where a horse's foot or scalp can get trapped, include stable or horse goals at an appropriate level - avoiding cow goals - and include any decoration you select, such as lacquered finish.

It is possible in small farms to give the horse food in a seperate place, but it is also possible to use food boxes which are placed at half to two third of the withers in the stable against the rear panel for reasons of comfort. Put a spring of hot spring in the shed.

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