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Li'l Country Store and Miniature Horse Farm are home to Henry & Linda Stoltzfus and our children. On-the-spot highlight! Lil' Country Store and Miniature Horse Farm

In Pennsylvania Dutch Country there are so many places to do. A neighbor of ours is a sweet little place named Lil' Country Store and Miniature Horse Family! Only 13 leagues from the street is the Henry & Linda Stoltzfus Irish Army Ranch, just outside Strasbourg.

You will find a picturesque little farmyard with 10 stables of mini-horses just wait for you to give them some loving gifts! There are plenty of photographs and poniescratches, because every horse can come along through a glass that allows it to stick its own nose out. Really a unique event, because not many have ever seen a mini-horse!

When you can get away from stroking these treasures, Henry & Linda also provide possibilities for caring, horseback riding, carting and caring. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm so you can get back to your campsite in good season and prepare your supper around the bar.

You should visit the Lil' Country Store before you leave! Next to the barns you will find a large number of handmade articles, which are produced on site. Heny & Linda seem to have everything - stitched goods, leathers, hand-woven hampers, handmade tiles and everything you could wish for.

And if that's not enough to get you in the cab and see you, The Lil' Country Store and Miniature Horse Farm has great critics on TripAdvisor. They have also been awarded the Certificate of Excellence for rides that receive great criticisms from travellers. Lil' Country Store and Miniature Horse Farm are in::

The H&S Feed & Country Store

The Purina Miniature Horse and Pony Horse Food is specially adapted to the special needs of miniature and pony animals, which are usually metabolisically more effective than large animals, but still need the food necessary for growing, pregnant, lactating, rearing and competitive riding. The H & S Feeding & Country Store has a wide range of horse feeds to offer!

You don't know what food you should get for your horse? Come by the shop or call us and ask us about our product. We' re glad to help you find the right food for your horse.

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