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Horse miniature accessories equine equipment is proud of the high quality products that are manufactured in the United States. Horse accessories by Mini HorseFeathers. Pony feed for miniature horses and horses. Aleksandra's Miniature Horse Supplies, Retail Products, Tack.

Miniature Glowinski Horse Accessories, Parkland County, Alberta.

Mi-niature Horse Lycra Sleezy Hood for domesticating stubborn menes

Each Miniature Horse Lycra Sleezy hook comes with an adjustable noseband with hook and loop fastener, large eyeholes that don't protrude into the tiny baby's eyeballs, an additional low profile epaulette, and the option of an easy-to-fasten side unlock strap in black or a hook and loop fastener on the strap. It' s so simple to design the perfectly unique and custom -made hooded suit for you and your little one.

Fits your miniature horse Lycra sleepy Hood - Most miniature horses are very forgiving of what is going on over their top. You should have a smooth sleepy cut, like a swimsuit, over the top of the Mini's top and bottom, but not too close to cause friction. Ensure that the center of your Mini's eyeholes is in the center.

When your gaze is too far in one way, the shabbiest could grind the gaze of your minis as it moved or stretched. Then make sure that his hears are also in the center of the pierced area. Otherwise the measly one could scratch his ear and cause a great deal of trouble.

Once all four are in place, set the noseband so that the blinky stays in place. PERSONALise the Lycra hooded sweater of your minis with your logo or name, the name of your minis or promote your farmstead or your Ranch. Our speciality is miniature horse outfits. The miniature horsedelycra Sleezy Hood is made of 80% nylon/ 20% lycra and is therefore suitable for washing in the maschine.


The Pony Spa Day - Watch out for the most beautiful ending ever! The miniature horse wonder and the dog that transformed their game! It'?s this little squad that can take the MOND by surprise! A herd of miniature sleigh rides with a kid is available! A miniature horse and dog - true love! A miniature horse race - an entertaining time for everyone!

The most beautiful miniature horse ever made! The miniature horse likes to cuddle - so cute!

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