Miniature Horse Tack Catalog

Horse miniature tack catalogue

Stack for ponies and mini horses. Miniature Horsefly Mask SuperMask Chaps, Tops, Tack and Accessories. Miniature Western Horse Show Halter. To show smaller horses does not mean that your horse must have a smaller stature. The Carriage House Miniature Horse Tack &

Harness is exceptional in quality with prices you will find very competitive.

Das Miniaturpferd im R├╝ckblick-Zwei: A collection of articles about miniature ponies.

On more than 140 pages you will find interesting and instructive essays on a variety of topics related to mini. Topics include preparation for setting up a miniature horse ranch or company, airway diseases in miniature horses, the skill of scissoring, free vet treatments for horses, teaching your own mini for obstacle courses, what to carry in the show ring, maintenance of harnesses, farriers consultancy, health insurances, designing a breed programme and much more!

Practise your own Mini - Cynthia Tunstall

The author and researcher Cynthia Tunstall has won the renowned Dudley Peebles Award for the most exceptional photography and received a number of prizes for her work, the best article in a magazine and the best report between 1986 and 1988. Both Cindy and her man Jim are living in Middle Florida and own two ponies.

She also writes Frommer tourist guides about Florida, Orlando and Walt Disney Worlds, as well as journal contributions for domestic and several foreign journals. Mrs Tunstall was baptized into the miniature horse business almost 25 years ago, but a coincidental encounter at an exhibition in Ocala showed her the notable changes in the race.

Fascinated by a wonderful miniature of a young tree, Cindy was inspire to find out everything about the cattery. It was Cindy who chose to publish this work as her article for miniature horse lovers in the hope that it would be useful information for both beginners and seasoned miniature horse lovers. And in the spirit of her profound feeling for the horse, Cindy devotes this volume to her mares Alieea and Nikki, her miniature horse.

A retrospective look at the miniature horse

The site is packed with topical information about the importance of the pre-purchase test, reproductive policies for broodmares and colts, death and third party indemnity insurances, stallion syndications, miniature horse promotion and commercialization, basic riding, tack & gear purchasing and maintenance and more!

More than 60 exzellenten photos and detailled illustration are provided in the article. An extensive annex contains further information on the registers, the "Standards of Perfection", supplementary read resources and an extensive vocabulary.

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