Miniature Horse Team Harness

Team harness for miniature horses

All is sewn and padded where necessary to increase the comfort of the horse. The site was created for the MINI / PONY Draft Show horses. I' ve found a conversion kit that converts two single harnesses into one team harness. There are two versions of our Presidential Team Horse Harness: with breastplates or with collar and ham.

Diamond Parade Harness Horse Team Minisize

This is the smallest mini-horse team harness you can buy for a small fee - we have created this harness so that it is exactly the same as the harness used by the draught-horse. There is your option of ham sizing - default ham sizes is 14 on all our hams. This harness is made of high quality American Biothan or Brasma fabric - The harness offers you the option between full diamonds as shown or round spotlights, if you wish.

This harness is made in matt Brahma weave, which is matt and looks like real cowhide skin. Like the big guys, the harness has 3 buckles and comes with end strips as part of the series.


of the head (corner of the tongue over the stake behind the ear to the other side of the mouth). The harness: Our dishes are all made in the USA. All is sewn and cushioned where necessary to increase the horse's comforts. We' ve tried and used all our own minis so that we can offer you the best harness for your needs.

The majority of the harness is fitted with inspection chambers that can be converted into side inspection chambers. It is an additional advantage if you drive more than one horse, as these sometimes need different control set-up. The fittings are either bras or chromium. The harness is completely with teeth and finished.

HarnessMade Team LederMade le même que le harnais en cuir SLT 321A. Chest collar is heavy with strap to support the bar. A great introduction to working in a team. Purchase the team harness and chest collar to transform 2 individual belts into a team harness. The crew cords and chest collar with the strap for stick and clasp are included.

Chromium or nickel-plated steel frame. That harness is from Beta-Thane. Like our Beta-Thane harness, but the chest collars are heavy and have belts to wear the cane. This harness is made of nickel-plated steel with D-shaped shutters. Ideal for working in a team or for the show ring.

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