Miniature Horse Training Books

Training books for miniature horses

In this excellent book for miniature horse owners, Pat Elder brings her unique teaching methods to the subject of halter horse training. Bring yourself the best miniature horse books on our market place. Instructions for selection, maintenance and training. Explore ideas for Horse Magazine. Exercise and presentation of your miniature halter horse.

Miniature horses in the big book

This miniature horse does it all - great pets, show ring competitors, grazing companions, riding partners and patients horsework. Whether you are dreaming of gaining tapes or simply hang around, it is important to have a sound grasp of how to handle and store them safely, what they need to take goodcare of and what they require for nutrition, general nursing and administration, specific healthcare and spa issues and essential training instructions.

On these pages Kendra Gale of Circle J Miniature Horses offers the most comprehensive miniature horse resources available. Not only will you get to know the specialities of making a miniature horse a part of your lifestyle, you will also get priceless insights into purchasing and raising, registration and exhibition, training and operation and much more.

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Instructions for selection, maintenance and training

Please click on the title picture above to view some pages of this work! Even though pony-shaped in build (no more than thirty-eight inch at the shoulder), miniature ponies still look like small, well-proportioned ponies with sophisticated traits. Whether used as a domestic or competition horse, for riding or as a therapeutic and lead animal, miniature models are perfect, whether in confined spaces or on large grounds.

Featuring breathtaking photos by Bruce Curtis, The Book of Miniature Horse is an equally charming guide to this intriguing race as the horse itself.

DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi adopt miniature horses...and find out all about the mini-sense of humour!

DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi adopt miniature horses...and find out all about the mini-sense of humour! Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi adopted two miniature horses a few days ago, if you haven't already noticed. When I was a youngster I had two Minis as part of my horse flock, and they never stopped making us laugh with their farces.

One of them, "Tom Thumb", knew the craft of "erasing" a track with a divided track-frence. Can' t tell you how many tramples I made through the forest on the tracks of the four or five horse he had let loose on the lands of our innocent neighbours. Mini's can be such an entertaining complement to your stable, and at TSB we want to help more folks get the most out of these pink packets of horse-like features.

MINI SCHOOL, the new MINI SCHOOL manual, offers a good step-by-step instruction for the training of minis, whether for competitions or just for pleasure, and MINIATURE HORSES is the veterinarian's guidebook that every mini-owner or grower has at their fingertips for both routine maintenance and emergency use. Looks like Ellen and Portia's Minis are as roguish as mine.

An agitator is (appropriately) called "Tricky" and just looks at how he imagined Ellen's big bro Vance (Vance, you have our sympathy!):

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